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With our small luxury ships you can explore the 7 continents discovering the world's most intriguing destinations

Silversea Asia Luxury Cruise

Get ready to rethink Asia from scratch. Immerse into a completely new perspective; one that brings you closer to the authentic beauty of our destinations. And a Silversea Asia luxury cruises are all about that. Discover more

Silversea Caribbean and Central America Luxury Cruise

Relaxation takes many forms in the tropics - set sail for the sun on an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise Discover more

Silversea Galapagos Luxury Cruise

Take a Galapagos Expedition cruise and discover the species that inhabit this famous archipelago. Experience this living museum of natural history and its creatures that are as engaging as they are unique. Discover more

Silversea Canada and New England Luxury Cruise

The autumn colours of Silversea's Canada and New England cruises are one of natures great spectacles - cruising this coastline will leave you with memories that last much longer than just a season. Discover more

Silversea Antarctica Luxury Cruise

Take an Antarctic Expedition cruise and set foot on this last continent, a place untouched by humanity - and enjoy what is probably the most southernmost afternoon tea in the world. Discover more

Silversea Mediterranean Luxury Cruise

A Mediterranean cruise is the first thing on everyone's bucket list. From Barcelona to the Aegean Sea, our intimate ships explore the farthest reaches of Southern Europe. After all, this is their home. Discover more

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Cruising Europe offers a unique view of Northern Europe's diversity - wether you're drawn to cathedrals or the countryside, this sublime region will captivate you. Discover more

Silversea Africa and Indian Ocean Luxury Cruise

A cruise to Africa and the Indian Ocean is how it all begins - one thing is certain, once you've visited Africa and the Indian Ocean, you'll spend a lifetime yearning to return. Discover more

Silversea Transoceanic Luxury Cruise

Cross the Atlantic in the way that time intended. A Transatlantic cruise is simply a must for any savvy traveller. Discover more

Silversea Australia and New Zealand Luxury Cruise

Cruise to Australia and New Zealand to discover a land of superlatives. Silversea's ships are among the few permitted to land in these hotspots of biodiversity. Discover more

Silversea South Pacific Islands Luxury Cruise

The islands of Oceania are among the most idyllic on Earth. Silversea's Pacific Islands cruises take you to these remote islands, brimming with colour and culture. Discover more

Silversea Arctic and Greenland Luxury Cruise

The brief summer thaw allows us to take you into this magical land, one of the planets most inspiring places, full of the sights and sounds of nature. Our Arctic and Greenland Expedition cruises narrate your own personal story. Discover more

Silversea Alaska Luxury Cruise

Silversea's Alaska cruises are simply phenomenal. These are journeys of breathtaking encounters with the natural world - after all, Alaska's great spectacles need little introduction. Discover more

Silversea Russian Far East Luxury Cruise

Long closed to Westerners, the Russian Far East is one of the planet's least explored destinations -Silversea's Russian Far East cruises will be with you for a lifetime. Discover more

Silversea South America Luxury Cruise

South America is a place of irrepressible energy - from the rainforests to the desert, Silversea's South America Cruises truly showcase this continent of dramatic extremes. Discover more

Silversea American West Coast Luxury Cruise

Navigate the spectacular West Coast with Silversea Expeditions cruises in America. From inspirational coastlines to icy volcanoes, these USA cruises give you a rare chance to experience an ultimate American dream. Discover more

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