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With over 900 destinations on all seven continents, wherever you want to go, you can get there with Silversea

Discover the world’s most captivating ports while travelling in extraordinary style on our all-inclusive cruises. Our fleet of small luxury ships offers enormous opportunities to explore the globe across all seven continents to over 900 fascinating destinations. Whether you want to sail directly into the heart of Seville, around the tip of Cape Horn, along the craggy coasts of Canada or through the breathtaking Chilean fjords, we have a luxury cruise for you. Choose from our classic voyages - that visit iconic ports and focus on full destination immersion, or why not choose an expedition cruise, where you’ll travel to some of the world’s most remote and remarkable landscapes. From the primaeval Galápagos Islands to the lush, tropical Edens of Polynesia to the frosted wilderness of Antarctica, we promise you a unique journey time after time.

All Destinations

Africa & Indian Ocean

Sculpted sand dunes, dazzling white beaches, wonderful wildlife and crystal clear seas are just the start of this epic region. 
30 Cruises


With glaciers the size of sky scrapers, bears as big as buses and snow-capped mountains that stretch high into the heavens, Alaska is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.
56 Cruises


A trip to Antarctica is on every travel lover’s wish list. Join us as we explore the legendary landscape of the white continent.
78 Cruises

Arctic & Greenland

This region at the top of the world is where raw tundra and remote, beautiful landscapes take on a new meaning. Have your binoculars at the ready!
20 Cruises


Asia is an incredible continent, full of delectable flavours and dazzling experiences. Join us to discover a tantalising region of past, present and future.
55 Cruises

Australia & New Zealand

Discover a realm of possibilities Down Under by exploring destinations to make you go wow, including the Kimberley, Tasmania, Sydney and Auckland.
46 Cruises

Canada & New England

From summer to fall, this is the region that redefines the meaning of big. From salt-licked cities to fabulous foliage, we promise Canada and New England won’t disappoint.
18 Cruises

Caribbean & Central America

Relaxation takes many forms in the tropics - set sail for the sun on an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise.
74 Cruises

French Polynesia & Pacific

Turquoise seas, white powder beaches, kaleidoscopic marine life and lush hinterland, French Polynesia & Pacific begs discovery.
48 Cruises

Galápagos Islands

From discovering endemic flora and fauna to drinking in life changing views, this region will dramatically transform your idea of travel.
99 Cruises


Discover a realm of possibilities Down Under by exploring destinations to make you go wow, including the Kimberley, Tasmania, Sydney and Auckland.
10 Cruises


Blessed by sapphire waters, medieval cities, mouth-watering gastronomy and history that dates back for centuries, the Mediterranean is a region that never fails to deliver.
145 Cruises

Northern Europe & The British Isles

From raw, primal and utterly invigorating landscape to cool cities bursting with culture, Northern Europe and the British Isles is an evergreen region.
79 Cruises

South America

Homing the world’s greatest extremes including the mighty Amazon River to mythic Rio to the bucket list Chilean Fjords, explore a continent where the unexpected is never a surprise.
29 Cruises


Enjoy blue sea days, plenty of relaxation, luxury experiences and some on board pampering aboard our transoceanic cruises.
23 Cruises

Signature Cruises

Our Signature Cruises will ignite your passions to dive into the finer things of life