At Silversea, our top priority has always been to safeguard the health and safety of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit. Partnering with leading medical experts and governmental authorities from around the world, the Royal Caribbean Group formed the Healthy Sail Panel to ensure that our guests can travel in luxury with unwavering confidence. Silversea Cruises has introduced a comprehensive, multi-layered set of science-backed protocol, which, informed and approved by the Healthy Sail Panel, will help to safeguard guests.

Silversea will continue to work closely with relevant governing bodies and health authorities to evolve its health and safety procedures, as new health recommendations are issued and as the fluid situation advances.

The protocol includes several areas of focus.

All updates will be published on this page as soon as the situation evolves.


Silversea Vaccination Status Requirements

Updated 10th October, 2022


All guests are kindly asked to ensure they comply with the country-specific entry requirement from which their ship/cruise begins. EU regulations specify that a vaccination certificate is considered valid when no more than 270 days have passed from the last dose of the primary vaccine series, OR if the individual has received a booster dose.

  • If the date on your vaccine certificate exceeds 270 days from the last dose of the primary vaccine series and you do not have a booster, the vaccine certificate is no longer considered valid, and individuals are considered unvaccinated. Guests will need to follow the below “unvaccinated guests testing requirements”.
  • Accepted vaccines are those indicated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or by the World Health Organization (WHO). Please click here for EMA accepted vaccines. Click here for WHO accepted vaccines.

 Whilst the EU allows EMA vaccines for tourist entry into countries, please remember only guests with vaccines approved by the WHO will be permitted to board the ship.

Please note that local requirements will include far more demanding and restrictive protocols if you are considered an unvaccinated individual; therefore, Silversea strongly recommends that all guests joining the vessels have a valid vaccine certificate.

Health & Safety

Guests are responsible for complying with local health and safety regulations – in the country of embarkation, in countries through which they transit on their return journeys, and in their country of origin upon their return home.


Guest Embarkation Testing Requirements

IMPORTANT: Guests embarking on below voyage must be fully vaccinated or up-to-date. This is due to the requirements in the Middle East. Guests are responsible for checking each country's entry requirements for the embarkation port and ports of call during the voyage.

SL221121017 – Piraeus, Greece to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Guests embarking on a Silversea vessel with a valid vaccine certificate (as defined above) are no longer required to present a negative PCR or Antigen test result.

Guests with a valid vaccine certificate must bring their proof of vaccination to the ship. Guests who do not present their valid vaccine certificate will be required to take a COVID-19 test, as stated below. They will also be subject to more demanding and restrictive protocols during the voyage.

Unvaccinated Guests Testing Requirements

If guests have an invalid vaccine certificate or do not have any vaccines they are classed as unvaccinated. Unvaccinated guests must present proof of a valid Antigen negative test result performed within 48 hours of embarkation or proof of a valid PCR negative test result performed within 72 hours of embarkation:

  • The test may be administered by a verified third party, either a laboratory or pharmacy OR
  • A self-test at home, verified by a third party (telehealth provider, pharmacy or laboratory).

The Certificate must contain the guest’s name (as shown on the cruise ticket), as well as the date of test, and result. You must provide a digital or printed proof upon embarkation.

Important: self-test at home kits cannot be verified by a friend or family member.

 All guests aged from 0 to 2 years old are exempted from testing.

Silversea will NOT be providing pier-side testing for unvaccinated embarking guests; as such, it is imperative that you arrive to the pier with your individual negative test result. If you arrive for embarkation without a valid negative test result, you will be denied boarding.

Pre-Arrival Testing Option

  • The Antigen test may be administered by a verified third party, either a laboratory or pharmacy OR a self-test at home, verified by a third party (telehealth provider, pharmacy or laboratory). The Certificate must contain the guest's name (as shown on the cruise ticket), as well as date of test, and result. You must provide a digital or printed proof upon embarkation.
  • Whilst approved self-test kits are now readily available at pharmacies and drugstore chains, we are pleased to make them available for order pre-cruise. We suggest that you order them at least one full week in advance of your sailing. These tests allow you to complete your pre-cruise test at home, or any place of your choosing, with the help of live video supervision by a Certified Testing Guide. Your results are typically ready in about 15 minutes, please click here to order your home self-test kit.
Physical Distancing

Physical distancing amongst guests will no longer be required; although our crew will maintain this practice.

Thanks to the intimate size of our ships and the abundance of space enjoyed by our guests, our ships can guarantee physical distancing with only minor reconfigurations to onboard public areas.

Our flexible embarkation procedure will be further relaxed by the implementation of staggered check-in times at various locations on the pier. This will ensure space for every guest to embark in comfort and safety.

Exploration ashore

Guests wishing to go ashore will be able to experience each port either on Silversea's shore excursions or, in destinations where permitted, independently, at their leisure—all whilst respecting local health and safety requirements, if and when applicable.

All shore excursions will comply with Silversea's health and safety measures. To better prepare for your journey with us, please book your shore excursions through My Silversea before your voyage. You are reminded to carry your vaccination certification with you when exploring each destination, as you may be required to present proof of vaccination to access restaurants, transportation, and local attractions.


The wearing of masks during the cruise will be at each guest’s discretion, with the exception of the casino, the theatre, and during muster drills where masks remain mandatory. Masks are mandatory inside shore excursion buses and you may be required to wear them at indoor venues. Whilst we recognise that the wearing of a mask is a personal choice, we do strongly encourage our guests to wear a mask whilst indoors aboard ship, other than when actively eating or drinking, or when in the privacy of your suite. Note that the Staff and Crew aboard all our ships will continue to wear masks for the foreseeable future.



Extensive cleaning and sanitation measures have been introduced to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are met. These around the clock measures include constant sanitation of public and high-traffic areas. Suites will be disinfected twice daily. Departure terminals will be subject to continual disinfection on all surfaces both before and after embarkation. Where permitted, we will implement fogging to sanitise hard to reach and potentially hazardous areas.
Upon embarkation, guests will be provided with a portable sanitisation kit, which will include hospital grade hand sanitiser. Hand sanitising points will be placed in easily accessible and strategic points throughout the ship.

Enhanced Air Filtration

The highest grade of medical air filters (MERV 13 or HPA according to HVAC standards) have been installed on board our ships. On each of our ships, our HVAC systems supply fresh, filtered air from outdoors to all areas. This continual intake of fresh air means old air is replaced, with a full total air change per hour - well above the minimum required.

Medical Facilities & Expert Response

Our high-quality onboard medical care is stronger than ever, with enlarged teams of doctors and/or nurses on each ship, as well as state-of-the-art equipment enhancements. Additionally, all ships have been appointed with an Infection Control Officer. This person is responsible for ensuring that all enhanced sanitary measures are met. Our multi-level COVID-19 Expert Response Plan has been developed and approved by the Healthy Sail Panel to contain an outbreak if a positive case is confirmed. These protocols include tracing methods and notification of those who may have been exposed, as well as dedicated isolation and quarantine areas.


Covid-19 Protections

Should authorities in a guest’s country of residence prohibit travel, or should a guest or a member of their travelling party test positive for COVID-19 within 30 days of embarkation, the guest will be able to convert their booking into a 100% Future Cruise Credit or receive a 100% refund for the total booking amount. Click here for more information.

Safe, Timely Return Home

Silversea has developed a robust repatriation plan should any guest or crew member fall ill with COVID-19 while on board one of our ships. We have worked closely with local authorities to ensure that immediate medical attention is provided should the need arise, and have strengthened and upgraded our telemedicine consultations. Silversea will cover COVID-19-related expenses for onboard medical and repatriation costs.