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Winter 2025/26

New Voyages Collection Myths and Treasures

Explore the places that inspired the myths and discover a treasury of sights, sounds and stories from around the world; unique experiences you will always remember. From the vastness of Africa and the beauty of Asia to untouched shores of Australia and around New Zealand, from the sun-soaked Caribbean and soulful South America to the wildlands of Antarctica and the far-flung Galápagos Islands, prepare for a winter of wonder – only with Silversea.

Over 200 destinations

Indulge in a luxury of choice, more than 150 voyages across 52 countries, including 9 places we’ve never visited before.

Intimate luxury ships

Sail on intimate ships with 51 to 364 suites and a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio for the most personalised service at sea.

All-inclusive voyages

All you ever wanted, all included. From your own butler to the finest dining, enrichment, elegance and indulgence.

Immersive experiences

Go beyond the common sights and busy crowds to connect more closely with the culture and landscape of each location.
  • More than 150 incredible voyages
  • Across 8 regions

We’ve gone to the ends of the earth to bring you unique voyages of discovery, in unparalleled comfort. Uncover the hidden secrets behind each fascinating destination as you connect more closely with each continent, culture and cuisine. Whether you dream of sailing to African adventures, deep diving into the wonders of Australia and New Zealand, soaking up history and sunshine in the Caribbean, celebrating the Rio Carnival, understanding the Incas in Ecuador, dancing the tango in Argentina, seeing the fall foliage in Japan, or wandering through Amazonian rainforests, these incredible itineraries to such sought-after destination have been curated by travel experts to unlock authentic experiences you’ll treasure forever.


Embark on an incredible voyage in winter 2025/26


Together with our most popular itineraries, these reveal some of the world’s most hidden stories, histories and treasures, taking you deeper into the heart of each unique region.

Africa & Indian Ocean

One of the most diverse continents to explore with world-famous wildlife, such as lions, leopards and elephants, vast landscapes, ancient history, cultural wonders and true adventure.


Inaccessible for centuries, this is the last frontier in travel and the ultimate destination for curious explorers; a land characterised by untamed wildlife and otherworldly beauty.


A place of contrasts, where sacred traditions and ancient cultures collide with modern cities and cuisine. Explore iconic Japan, South Korea or small cities such as Kochi and Beppu.

Australia & New Zealand

Explore the world's oldest lands and some of its youngest cities. Silent fiords, thundering waterfalls, unspoilt shores, iconic wildlife, Maori culture, coral reefs and more await.

Caribbean & Central America

Soaked in sunshine and history, with sparkling coastlines and dense rainforests, you can witness iconic St. John Cruz Bay, rarely visited Soufriere and new destination Trois Ilets.

The Galápagos

From the islands’ volcanic origins to their current status as a marine reserve, this “living museum” is incredible. Includes Isabela and Fernandina, and new destination: Isla Lobos.

South America

Soulful and scenic, this region has some of the most breathtaking wonders, like the Chilean Fjords and Patagonian glaciers, and exotic cities such as Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires.

South Pacific Islands

From the remote shores of Melanesia and Micronesia to Easter Island, and from snorkelling amid coral to encountering rare creatures, these are some of our most fascinating voyages.


When you want to explore destinations in more depth, there’s no greater way than a Silversea Grand Voyage. Go deeper into Australia and Grand Africa & Arabia in unparalleled style.

Grand South Pacific Expedition 2025

An exceptional exploration with 75 days to see 58 destinations in 11 countries. From rugged Western Australia to the isolation of Easter Island, experience some of the most remote and pristine destinations in the world.

Grand Australia 2025

Circumnavigate the whole of Australia, from the unspoilt shores of the Kimberley Coast to vibrant marine life on the Great Barrier Reef. An extended adventure to discover rare gems, iconic cities and amazing experiences.


Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey deep into unusual destinations with unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences, all in supreme comfort and accompanied by regional experts.

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Whether you’re seeking a short escape or extensive travels, our carefully curated itineraries offer you portals into perfect experiences by sea. Each voyage is designed to connect you more closely with that region you’ve always wanted to see, through meaningful excursions ashore and enriching experiences on board. You might, for instance, meet a local winemaker while walking through his vine fields discussing how his prized vintages are made. Then, on board, you could explore the flavours of that region paired with his wine through our unique S.A.L.T. culinary programme which, changes its menus to reflect where you are. And if you wish to linger longer in your favourite places, pre- and post-journey stays are available.

A culinary journey

Delve into delectable gourmet dining, and explore the culture of destinations through their distinctive flavours with menus that change to reflect where you are.

Perfect suites, private verandas

Make yourself at home in your choice of beautifully elegant suite, immaculately furnished with its own ocean view veranda – and of course, you'll be attended to by your butler.

Connect with local culture

Silversea voyages take you away from the crowds and usual experiences, off the beaten path to connect more closely with different cultures from around the world.

Breathtaking landscapes

Sail to the most remarkable sights on Earth. Tropical islands, ancient towns, frozen tundra, timeless wonders. Prepare to be spellbound and pack a good camera.


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