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Il Terrazzino

Italy’s world-famous cuisine reaches its farthest clientele yet, aboard Silver Endeavour. Enjoy the country’s greatest dishes and authentic recipes in this edited version of our famous La Terrazza concept. Small in size but not in flavours, Il Terrazzino offers mouthwatering Italian meals in an elegant setting. Menu highlights change on a regular basis, yet remain with high quality, fresh ingredients that have made this dining option so popular throughout our entire fleet. If you like authentic Italian dishes served in a small and intimate setting, then Il Terrazzino is for you.

Il Terrazzino Is Available On The Following Ships :

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With the importance of food in Italian culture you would expect dining to be a high priority at Silversea. And it most assuredly is. Moreover, gastronomic excellence is a given, thanks to our recipes that reflect heritage and revamp tradition.


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