Going Ashore



Why should I book a shore excursion with Silversea?

Booking a Silversea shore excursion gives you peace of mind. The operator has been fully vetted, must be insured and the best available in that port. In the unlikely event of issues with the tour, we assume responsibility and the ship will wait for our delayed shore excursions. Important factors when comparing value.  Travelling independently?  We are happy to help with our “Privato” program in most ports or contact the Shore Concierge for a truly bespoke arrangement.

Where can I see what Shore Excursions are offered on future cruises and how do I reserve the ones on which I plan to participate?

Samples of tours offered in the various ports of call can be reviewed in detail in Find a Port (this needs to be a hyperlink).  Tours are very dynamic and Silversea is continually offering new adventures ashore.  Learn about what you can do to experience the best of your cruise with us before you book.  Then, once you have confirmed your cruise, visit My Silversea from 180 - 2 days prior to sailing to discover what we have planned for you.

When can I reserve my Shore Excursions?

Shore Excursions are available for reservation from 180 - 2 days prior to sailing.  The descriptions may appear on our website in advance of this date, but actual reservations can only be made from 180 days prior to the start of your cruise. Some tours have very limited ability and we recommend you log into My Silversea well in advance to avoid missing some unique opportunities ashore, as tour reservations are on a first come basis. At 2 days prior to sailing, we close our reservation system as we prepare for your arrival. Our onboard Shore Concierge team will be delighted to assist you in making additional tour bookings, planning the best activities and reviewing the option of private arrangements once you have embarked upon your journey with us.  Please review the Going Ashore information in your suite that includes a tour booking form.  And do visit us at the Shore Concierge Desk for personal assistance in your tour selection.

What are my options for private excursions?

We offer several different options for enjoying most of our ports of call on a private basis:

 – A private vehicle with guide allows you to create your own itinerary.  The Shore Concierge Office onboard is available to make recommendations.

Silver Shore Concierge
 – If you’re seeking the flexibility of independent arrangements, we can custom design virtually any event or excursion.  To make your arrangements, please contact shoreconcierge@silversea.com when you book your cruise and no later than 30 days prior to sailing, or meet with the Shore Concierge team onboard.

I reserved my excursions, but am waitlisted for one of my tours. How are waitlisted requests handled?

Our goal is to ensure every guest makes the most of their time ashore and our onboard Shore Concierge team works closely with our local providers to try to accommodate everyone.  Some tours are only available for a limited number of guests and we are unable to always guarantee your participation but we will do our best to confirm you.  If you have a waitlisted tour, please reserve your second favorite excursion as a back-up plan, to ensure you do not miss out that day.  If possible, we will be happy to confirm your first choice and cancel any other arrangements you may have made once we peak with you onboard. Waitlists are cleared by the Shore Concierge Office onboard in the order in which the request was received.

What happens if I change my mind and want to cancel a shore excursion?

The majority of tours have a 48-hour minimum cancellation notification but some tours can have a cancellation period of up to 30 days so read the Please note section of the tour description carefully for any earlier cancellation times.  Up until 2 days prior to sailing, you may cancel tours by logging into My Silversea and selecting the previously reserved tour.  You may also edit the number of tickets required. If a tour requires more than 2 days notice of cancellation, and you cancel after the deadline noted, you are still responsible for any penalty charges, up to 100%. If you wish to cancel a tour within 2 days of sailing, please stop by the Shore Concierge Office as soon after embarkation as you can.  Further advice on tour cancellation dates and times are advised in the Chronicle and on the tour booking form.  Please pay close attention to these dates and times and return tickets to the Shore Concierge Desk prior.  No exceptions can be made and we thank you for your understanding.

Can I reserve more than one tour in a port?

To make the most of your visit, we encourage guests to choose two or more tours per port, time permitting.  Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes between each tour to allow for local conditions that can affect tour timings.

Are tours only conducted in English?

Our “Guided In” program offers the most popular tours in languages other than English.  Generally, Spanish is the most commonly offered alternative language commentary.  A minimum number of guests is required.

What is the policy regarding children on shore excursions?

For many tours, there is no minimum age for children as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian and travel in the guest’s own safety seat.  To ensure the safety of our younger guests, children up to the age of 8 years old are only permitted to participate in suitable tours/shuttle service if the vehicles are equipped with the correct safety harness and seating equipment. Excursions that are alcohol related are restricted to those 18 years of age or older.  Other tours may not be suitable for children based on the nature of the activity. Please refer to the Please note section for specifics.  Some operators may extend a discount to children.  Please see the Shore Concierge Desk for any related questions. Silversea reserves the right to refuse children under the age of 8 years old on any tour on the basis of safety.  Guests under the age of 18 years cannot participate without a parent or guardian.

What is an appropriate gratuity to offer the tour guide?

Gratuities to tour guides are a personal matter and up to each guest’s discretion, therefore they are not included in the price of excursions.  Most local guides anticipate a modest gratuity if you are pleased with their service.  A general guideline is $2.50 per person on a half-day tour and $5.00 per person on a full-day tour.

What are Mid-Voyage Land Adventures and can I book one on the website?

Mid-Voyage Land Adventures offer additional opportunities to discover more of the highlights, hidden treasures and iconic destinations of the lands you visit.  Small, intimate escapes from the ship to wondrous places. Some may include one-day special events but the majority require one or more nights away from the ship.  Leave in one port and return in another – to get up-close to places like Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, African safari camps and over-the water bungalows  – places that you cannot normally visit given the location of port cites and the time you are there.  These programmes must be booked in advance, have minimum and maximum participation requirements, and are paid in-full at the time your cruise final payment is due.

What is included on a Mid-Voyage Land Adventure?

These special programs typically include economy-class airfare (upgrades may be available), accommodations, full services of a professional guide, and most meals.

How can I be sure a Land Program will not be cancelled?

Most of our pre- and post-cruise Land Programs are designed to accommodate small, intimate groups of guests. Each program is reviewed between 120 – 100 days prior to sailing.  If we have not met the minimum number of guests required to operate a program, we give those who have reserved the option to continue with their plans at a slightly higher price, or to cancel with no penalty.

Why are private transfers so expensive?

Private transfers offer many advantages over local taxi services – the driver meets you inside the airport and assists with luggage, they drive to your destination via the most direct route (vs. running up a taxi meter taking a longer route), cars are clean and well maintained, and the companies that works with Silversea to provide these services is fully insured.