Japan Luxury Cruises

The island of Japan is a dizzying fusion of modernity and an almost sacred appreciation of heritage.

Japan is an eloquent expression of past and future. From the Tokyo tower to Osaka neon lights, Japan’s cities all tip the scales in terms wow factor. But, scratch the surface and you’ll find peace and tranquility on every street corner. Nature too is placed at the forefront of Japanese culture; without mentioning the famous cherry blossom season, the country’s snow-capped soaring peaks and sun-drenched beaches are startling in their diversity, stunning in their beauty. An island nation whose dichotomy is its greatest strength. Step aboard a Silversea Japan luxury cruise and explore this iconic, epic country. One trip will never be enough.


Why Silversea?

Intimate Ships

A country that is so many things to so many people, Japan deserves exploration in style. Silversea’s fleet of nine small ships will take you from tip to toe of the island nation, and (almost) everywhere in between. Whether you sail with our Ocean fleet or the Expedition ships, you’ll be sure to experience the best comfort and luxury there is on the high seas. With small ships that nimbly navigate the rugged coast, you’ll be anchoring in off the beaten track ports and unparalleled comfort onboard to pamper your every whim, there really is no better way to travel.

Luxury Oceanview Suites

Whether you are on our Ocean fleet or our Expedition one, Silversea’s ultra-luxurious suites are the best place between sea and sky. Quiet, state of the art and whispering our signature made in Italy style the world over; our suites have won awards for their style and comfort! From waking up with breakfast in bed to saying sayonara to the twinkling Tokyo skyline from your private veranda (almost all our suites have them) make your discovery of Japan an adventure in luxury.

Personalised Service

Japan is a country of unparalleled service, and we see no reason for that to stop when you arrive on board. Every suite is granted a 24/7 butler making your transition from onshore to onboard completely seamless. Our team of highly trained and highly professional men and women make the difference between a good Japan cruise and a great one. Additionally, our guest to staff ratio is the highest in the business (at almost 1:1) so whether it’s booking a private party in port or serving your favourite sake in the bar, you’re never better looked after than with Silversea.

All-Inclusive Cruises

From the tip of South Korea to the top of Japan, Silversea’s Japan luxury cruises show two very different sides of the country. So relax and enjoy the discovery and adventure that Japan offers, safe in the knowledge that there will be no salient price tag at the end of your cruise. And for our Japan Expedition cruisers, our knowledgeable and experienced Expedition Team will help your every tundra step or Zodiac trip of the way. Yes that’s right – all excursions on Expedition voyages, plus food, drinks, transfers into town, port charges, evening entertainment, butler service as well as flights, transfers and pre-flight hotels on some cruises, when we say all-inclusive, we really mean it.

Gourmet Cuisine

Revered the world over for their cuisine, Japan is a country that warrants adventure by taste. And your journey doesn’t stop when you arrive back on board – with a superb Japan-focused restaurant aboard Silver Muse and Silver Spirit, continue your travels as you sail to your next port. And what to do if all that sushi gets too much? Enjoy your favourite international dishes in one of our award-winning restaurants.

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