Grand Voyages

We believe that in order to understand a region, you need to spend time in it. Our Grand Voyages are perfect for those who want to discover in depth. Since long before recorded history, the urge to see what lies beyond the horizon has compelled humans. Silversea's grand cruises venture forth across the seven seas and quench the thirst to go exploring that remains a primal need in all of us. Luckily, we can transport you there in a far more comfortable way: a Silversea Grand Voyage. Discover the luxury of time — time to thoroughly experience a region, to savour its landscapes, the nuances of its cuisine, and the characteristics of those who know it simply as ‘home.’ For those born with that irrepressible curiosity to discover what lies beyond the mountain top, nothing can fill your passion quite like a luxurious Grand Voyage with Silversea.

Grand Voyage 2022 – Grand Northern Expedition

Underscored  by long white nights and landmarks from the iconic to the obscure, make every moment matter on this Grand Northern Expedition. 

Grand Voyage 2022 – Grand Tropical Expedition

Make the most of the coast in 53 nights and 36 ports. Departing Fiji to India, discover lost islands, explore Australia’s Kimberley and get off the beaten track in Indonesia. 

Grand Voyage 2022 – Grand Southern Expedition

Starting in Antarctica and ending in Fiji, wend your way through the Chilean Fjords to Rapa Nui. Join us and discover 26 ports in 52 nights on what is sure to be the grandest expedition ever. 

Grand Voyage 2022 – Grand South America

Diverse enchantments of cuisine, culture and charisma all fuse together in a melting pot continent that never disappoints. Sail the coasts of 22 countries and 45 destinations, from the tip of Ecuador down to the toe of Argentina.

Grand Voyage 2021 – Grand Mediterranean

Come and experience a remarkable mix of civilisations, cultures and traditions, spanning a period of time that stretches from the early Roman empire all the way to the Renaissance.

Grand Voyage 2021 – Grand Arctic

Welcome to the Arctic, where nature still makes the rules and we are its humble guests. Get back in touch with the elements and experience breathtaking panoramas with untouched glaciers that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Grand Voyage 2021 – Grand South America

Indulge in a love of colour, opulence and livin’ la vida loca, as South America seasons its sauce with Bossa Nova, Salsa and Tango wherever you go. Take it all in on beautiful Silver Moon, the new flagship in our fleet.