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Grand Voyages

To understand a region, you need to spend time in it. Our Grand Voyages are perfect for those who want to discover their destination in depth. Real travellers understand that to understand a region; you need to see what lies beyond the horizon. Our Grand Voyages sail all seven seas, transporting you to the world's furthest corners in ultra-luxury. Discover the luxury of time - time to savour a region's landscapes, the nuances of its cuisine, and the essence of those who know it simply as 'home.' Nothing can fill your passion quite like a luxurious Grand Voyage with Silversea. Born for those with irrepressible curiosity to discover what lies beyond the mountain.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand Australia

Sail all around Australia and take your time to experience this extraordinary island continent with our 47-day Grand Voyage. Enjoy an extended Australian adventure as you discover rare gems Busselton, Broome and Kangaroo Island and fully explore iconic cities Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand Mediterranean

The authentic nature of the Mare Nostrum can only truly be experienced by exploring the hidden alleyways of its medieval cities and strolling along the sun-lit shores of its secluded bays. In 2025, our Grand Mediterranean voyage reveals all these secrets and more.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand South Pacific Expedition

From the rugged lands of Western Australia to the mystical isolation of Easter Island, you’ll discover some of the most remote and pristine destinations in the world.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand North Atlantic & Northern Europe

Head up North like never before with this life-changing Grand Voyage spanning 16 countries and 55 destinations, from Eastern Canada to the British Isles, from the shores of Iceland to those of the Baltic Sea.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand Africa & Arabia

Enjoy over two months of spirited African days and magical Arabian nights in this Grand Voyage onboard Silver Spirit, from the Indian Ocean to the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand Asia

Board our intimate ultra-luxury ship, Silver Whisper, for an exceptional 70-day voyage across the cultures, traditions, cuisines, histories and natural beauty of the Far East.

Grand Voyage 2025 - Grand South America

Take an exclusive 71-day voyage to circumnavigate South America on our brand new ship, Silver Ray, during her inaugural season. You’ll go deep inland by sailing the Amazon River to magical Manaus and so much more.

Grand Voyage 2024 – Grand Mediterranean

This Mediterranean Grand Voyage aboard Silver Spirit sails from Lisbon to Athens in 43-days, taking in 34 destinations in 13 countries including intimate ports, iconic cities, fast-paced events and oodles of dolce vita.

Grand Voyage 2024 – Grand Pacific

On this Grand Pacific voyage, the Pacific is just the beginning, as your 57-day journey takes you to eight countries that face the largest ocean in the world, and yet offer incredibly diverse landscapes, cultures and experiences.

Grand Voyage 2024 – Grand South Pacific Expedition

This Expedition voyage takes you from the shores of Western Australia to South America, via the Pacific's stunning islands. A journey made of remote places, but unspoiled beauty.