South Pacific Islands And French Polynesia Cruise

Where else can you find warm water, natural beauty and private islands galore?

A French Polynesia cruise is something that many of us dream about, but few are ever brave enough to make. Yes, the islands are far, and yes, they are worth it. The South Pacific Islands have held travellers in thrall since time immemorial. However, dismiss all ideas that French Polynesia is just about the beach. These islands offer a rarely seen insight to authentic villages, traditions held in the highest awe and an unimaginable wealth of culture. Add to that kaleidoscopic marine life, abundant coral reefs, a mindboggling plethora of wildlife above land and verdant jungles that beg discovery and you have one of the world’s best destinations.

Welcome to our version of the South Pacific. Cruise aboard our expedition ships Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer and experience what is truly the voyage of a lifetime. These specially designed cruise ships are the perfect answer for channeling your Magellan, in ultra-luxury, of course. Our small ship sizes allow for access to some of the lesser-visited islands of French Polynesia, while on onboard luxury offers cruisers of the region a taste of paradise. Cruise to French Polynesia aboard on of our South Pacific Islands cruises and you too could soon be exploring some of the best island paradises in the world.


Why Silversea?

Intimate Ships

Silversea’s small ships (some of the smallest in the industry) are the perfect choice when it comes to your luxury French Polynesia cruise. Our cruise ships have been sailing the crystalline waters for years, so we certainly know how give you a great holiday. Our cruises offer guests the most comfortable way of sailing the warm waters of the region, as we set sail searching some of the greatest wildlife on Earth.

Luxury Oceanview Suites

Picture yourself on your private veranda (almost all of our suites have them) as the greens and blues of the Pacific Ocean dance before your eyes. Add a glass of ice-cold champagne, (or a traditional fruity rum!), add a loved one, and you have a memory making moment worth writing home about. All of Silversea’s suites are elegantly furnished so you can relax in the luxury of what are surely the most comfortable suites at sea.

Personalised Service

When you are on a Silversea Expeditions ship, get ready to experience personal service like never before! As other cruise lines streamline their service, we buck the trend and make sure that every single suite has its own butler and 24/7 suite attendants. From atoll to atoll our amazing team caters to your every need, and makes the difference between a good cruise and an amazing one.

All-Inclusive Cruises

All excursions, gourmet cuisine, premium drinks, curated wine list, , lectures, butler service, wi-fi, exercise classes, gratuities, flights, transfers, yes, it’s all-included! Because when we say all-inclusive, we really mean it!

Gourmet Cuisine

French Polynesian food fabled the world over for its freshness and taste. Enjoy local specialities that offers a wide variety of foods and flavours. While you can expect to take part in at least one amara’a (banquet) during your time here, back on board it’s just as good. Our award-winning La Terrazza will tempt Italian-food lovers, revel in the fine French fare in La Dame for a sophisticating evening, or simply enjoy expertly crafted international options in The Restaurant.

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