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The closest thing on earth to another planet

A trip to Antarctica is on every travel lover’s wish list. Join us as we explore the legendary white landscape of elemental forces that is home to so much wildlife. You won’t believe your eyes.

Why take an Antarctica Luxury Cruise with Silversea?
Because it’s the adventure of a lifetime in the least visited place on earth. Because our fleet of intimate expedition ships takes you so far off the beaten track, there is no track. Because we have made all-inclusive luxury cruising to Antarctica into an art form.

Silversea offers two ways of getting to the white continent. Choose to fly straight into the heart of Antarctica in just 2 hours with Antarctica Bridge or sail the iconic Drake Passage for an unforgettable experience.

Zodiacs are used almost every day to access parts of the destination. Additionally, on several occasions, it is only possible embark and disembark the ship by Zodiac.”

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All-Inclusive Antarctica Package

One amazing continent, two amazing ways to get there. Choose to fly straight into the heart of Antarctica in just 2 hours with Antarctica Bridge, or sail the iconic Drake Passage for an unforgettable experience.

Our Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port All-Inclusive fares give you more flexibility than ever before.

Antarctica Bridge
Travel to the white region by flying directly over iconic Drake Passage. Make the most of our array of exclusive inclusions such as complementary private executive transfers to and from your home. 
Please note that terms and conditions may differ per voyage. To find out more, please click directly on your chosen itinerary.

Antarctica Brochure

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Get so far off the beaten track; the track doesn’t even exist anymore. From large colonies of penguins to glacial silence, Antarctica will transform you. Peruse our downloadable brochure and set sail for earth’s final frontier.

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Silver Cloud


With 20-brand new Zodiacs, four superlative restaurants in Antarctica and a pole-to-pole expedition itinerary, Silver Cloud really does break the ice between expedition and luxury.

  • Crew Onboard212
  • Guest Capacity254
  • Suites127
  • Dining Options4
  • Dolce Vita
  • Zagara Beauty Salon
  • Pool Deck
  • Reception
  • Fitness Centre
  • Connoisseur’s Corner
  • Observation lounge
  • Boutique
  • Explorer Lounge
  • Panorama Lounge
  • Zagara Beauty Spa
  • Photo Studio

Silver Endeavour


We’re proud to announce that our newest addition has joined the fleet. Silver Endeavour revolutionises our expedition voyages, and allows us to travel deeper to some of the planet’s farthest flung coasts.

  • Crew Onboard207
  • Guest Capacity220
  • Suites110
  • Dining Options4
  • Arts Café
  • Mud Room
  • Explorer Lounge
  • Connoisseur’s Corner
  • Otium Spa
  • Observation Lounge
  • Beauty Salon
  • Fitness Centre
  • Boutique
  • Pool Deck
  • Library
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