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Cruises to Israel and the Holy Land

Say the words Holy Land cruise and you might whet the appetite of more than one cruiser.

This fabled part of Israel, available on many Mediterranean cruises is a must see-destination for many. The region is the cradle of the three world’s main religions, and is a destination that warrants discovery. But cruises to Israel are not just for those on a Christian, Jewish or Islamic pilgrimage. For sure, people have flocked here from all over the world but there is far more to a Holy Land cruise than just the holy.

Silversea’s cruises to Israel are part of our various Mediterranean itineraries, making joining (and, regrettably, leaving) your ship very easy. Most departures are from Athens, and you’ll most likely take in a few Greek islands first. Once you reach the Holy Land, we guarantee even the most jaded history buff will become revitalised. However, today, the busy cities of Jerusalem and Nazareth are far more than just historical destinations; they are overflowing with contemporary life.

Arrive in Ashdod and enjoy the hour or so voyage to the city of Jerusalem. The city is known for its timeless beauty and as the one time centre of the world; it has a heavy influence on modern day civilisation. Sightseeing here is packed full of must sees- run your hands over the Western Wall, visit the Yad Vashem holocaust museum or travel north to Tel Aviv and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site city and the famous Jaffa Gate.

Nazareth is no less spectacular. The home of Jesus Christ himself, the city had a heady reputation to live up to. But far from being the bucolic town one might expect, Nazareth is a modern hub that belies its heritage. If the mega metropolis is too urban, head out to Golan Heights and explore the stunning scenery and historic sites where it is believed Jesus lived, preached, and performed his miracles.

Silversea’s shore excursion programme offers fascinating insights to this incredible part of the world. All the sights – and sites – are visited so the only thing you have to choose is how much or how little you want to do!


Why Silversea?

Intimate Ships

Four ships in our fleet of ten cruise to Israel and the Holy Land, making the most of the miles of craggy coastline and hallowed sites. Our ships are among the smallest in the business, no other cruise line can simply compete! Even our largest ship, Silver Spirit, homes just 608 guests, making it your intimate home from home on the high seas. Think guaranteed comforts, haute cuisine, and made it Italy style that ensures travelling with Silversea is a once experienced never forgotten experience. The small size of our ships allows us to visit even the most off the beaten track ports, so wherever you want to go, you can get there with Silversea.

Luxury Oceanview Suites

Accommodation aboard any Silversea ship is a luxurious affair and our Israel luxury cruise ships are no exception! Spacious, sophisticated and internationally recognised as being the gold standard of cruising, our luxury ocean view suites really give you the best of your Holy Land cruise. Make the most of the coast with stunning views from the privacy of your private veranda, or enjoy the creature comforts of your spacious suite.

Personalised Service

Silversea cares! Dedicated butlers and stellar service are the hallmarks of any Silversea luxury voyage and we are proud to say that they are the foundation of all our Israel and Holy Land cruises. Every suite, regardless of category, receives attention from a personal butler to make your holiday a once in a lifetime experience. Excursions booked, reservations made, room service delivered – nothing is too big or too small! Additionally, our crew to guest ratio of nearly 1:1 is the highest in the business. So, let us take care of you, after all … you’re worth it!

All-Inclusive Cruises

All-inclusive means many things to many people, so let’s just clear up any confusion right now. When we say all-inclusive, that’s exactly what we mean. From the moment you embark, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your needs have already been taken care of. These include economy flights to reach your ship, fine food and wine (including premium brands), shore excursions (from spring 2022), fees, evening entertainment, keep-fit classes, gratuities … you name it! Some suite categories even have business class flights and transfers as well, so when we say all-inclusive, we really mean it.

Gourmet Cuisine

Cuisine has always been a hallmark of Silversea and with Silver Moon’s superb destination driven .S.A.L.T. programme, tasteful travel take on a new meaning. Our all-inclusive cruises to Israel offer far more than just onboard luxury and superb shore excursions. Israeli food ranges from first class olives and olive oil to heavenly Medjool dates, figs, honey, saffron, mint and sage, so enjoy all these wonderful flavours aboard our newest flagship. Lovers of international fare are not forgotten either: expect yummy Italian specialities in our famous La Terrazza, traditional classics in Atlantide or for those travelling on Silver Spirit, Asian-fusion and Japanese specialities in Indochine and Sheisin.

Mediterranean Brochure

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