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As home to Ecuador’s second-largest seaport, Manta is a one of the most important economic cities in the country. So, far from rustic shores and a sleepy village, visitors to Manta can expect a modern urban hub, complete with vast beach, high rises, city slickers and lots and lots of fish. This is the city that has a giant tuna statue welcoming its visitors, so it is no surprise that seafood is high on everybody’s list of important things. View more

What was once a small fishing village has today grown into a mighty industry and ultra-fresh seafood – mostly tuna – takes pride of place. Thus, no trip to Manta is complete without sampling at least one of the local dishes. Foodies will salivate at the opportunity of tasting not only amazing tuna ceviche but also exquisitely prepared squid, octopus, lobster and inspired South American style tapas. If tasting the city’s legacy isn’t enough for you, then the Archaeological Museum of the Central Bank of Manta boasts an excellent collection of ceramics of the Manteño-Huancavilca culture that flourished here between 800 and 1550 A.D. Manta’s seafood, beaches and boutiques might be enough for some people, but it is worth noting that picturesque Montechristi is only about 20 minutes away. Jump on a colourful (and colourfully authentic) Chivas bus for the short ride to the home of the Panama hat – which does not originate anywhere near Panama! The enchanting village has retained much of its faded Spanish elegance with its milliners by far its star attraction.

An Introduction to Silversea Cruises

The romance of the seas, small ship sizes and intimate atmosphere, Silversea has long been a leader in the ultra-luxury market. Travelling to both iconic and secluded ports, Silversea’s award-winning itineraries inspire wanderlust and exploration. With over 900 destinations, longer port stays and more late-night departures than ever before, even the savviest traveler will find something new. A butler for every suite, a complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences, all-inclusive exquisite dining, award-winning onboard entertainment and an unparalleled space to guest ratio all contribute to the Silversea experience. Not forgetting our famed Italian hospitality, where new faces become old friends. Bienvenuti a bordo.

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FORT LAUDERDALE (Florida) To LIMA (Callao)
  • Departure
    Nov 23 2020
  • Duration
    15 Days
  • Ship
    Silver Moon
From US$ 7,020
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LIMA (Callao) To FORT LAUDERDALE (Florida)
  • Departure
    Dec 08 2020
  • Duration
    15 Days
  • Ship
    Silver Moon
From US$ 6,750
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Excursions in MANTA

Cooking Ecuadorian Style & Lunch

Unlock the secret to preparing Ecuadorian specialities during this interactive cooking class with lunch. This small-group experience is ideal for those who want to learn more about the culture and the cuisine of Ecuador. Savour this experience when your reward is to taste the fruit of your labours.

Ecuadorian cooking is famous for enhancing the natural taste of food. Spices are widely used, especially pepper, cumin, coriander, parsley, garlic, "achiote", and more; other seasoning is done with salt and lemon. One of the main sauces used is a chili sauce called "picante" or "aji" which is can be found on the tables at any Ecuadorian restaurant.

We are extremely excited to offer this Ecuadorian food demonstration. Join us to have an amazing afternoon with a talented local chef who will be teaching us the secrets, tips and tricks of some Ecuadorian dishes and other delicacies. This is an amazing opportunity to have fun with our friends while see how to prepare an extraordinary meal.

Before the cooking class, enjoy a visit to a local Fish Market to see the fresh produce and learn about the fish you will be using for the Cooking experience, and the head towards a fruit and vegetable market so you can see the local products and handpick the ingredients that will be used in order to prepare the Ceviche for lunch.

You then will enjoy this self-made meal accompanied by an Ecuadorian beer and the wonderful scenery.

Re-board your transportation for the short return ride back to your ship.

Golf at Montecristi (9-Holes)

Embrace the scenic splendour of Ecuador in a relaxing new way during this full-day golfing excursion at the Montecristi Golf Club.

Depart the pier for the scenic, approximately 30-minute transfer to the Montecristi Golf Club. This lovely, Kris Savignac-designed enclave features an approximately 14-acre (about 5.6-hectare) clubhouse and driving range facility, along with an 11-acre (about 4.5-hectare) private beach club. The approximately 3,280-yard (about 3,000-metre), 18-hole, Par-72 golf course is adorned with tropical foliage, and mountain and coastal views in the distance.

Upon arrival, begin your relaxing, nine-hole round of golf. At the conclusion of your round, some free time is made available for a comfort stop and refreshments before re-boarding your coach and commencing the approximately 30-minute drive back to the pier.

Highlights of Manta

Explore the rich history, culture and people of Manta during this scenic, half-day sightseeing excursion.

Manta and Archaeological Museum

Depart the pier for a short drive around Manta en route to the Archaeological Museum of the Central Bank of Manta. The museum boasts a small but excellent collection of ceramics of the Manteño-Huancavilca culture that flourished here between 800 and 1550 A.D. Other local art expositions can also be found on display.

Chorrillo and Cabuya Plant-Weaving

Next, re-board your coach and proceed to a cabuya plant-weaving factory in Chorrillo. Your visit is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as this traditional art is, unfortunately, rapidly dying out. In the past, this vibrant local industry prompted the production of approximately 4,000 cabuya plant bags per day in the Manta area. Today, this is the last remaining factory and produces 200 bags per week.

Montecristi Golf Club and Private Artisan Fair

Your tour continues with a drive along the picturesque seaside promenade, and a visit to a Private Artisan Fair at the Montecristi Golf Club. Observe artisans demonstrating the weaving of toquilla straw hats, or 'Panama' hats, and meet taqua nut carvers demonstrating their skills. The versatile tagua nut is used to produce a number of different eco-friendly products, from traditional handicrafts to jewellery and shirt buttons.

Following your visit, re-board your coach and commence the short drive back to the pier.

Montecristi by Chivas

Experience picturesque Montecristi in a unique and fun new way during this memorable, half-day sightseeing excursion by Chivas bus. In Montecristi, Ecuador live a handful of master weavers, the creators of the finest straw hats in the world "Montecristi Panama Hats".

Chivas Bus

Depart the pier aboard a Chivas bus for scenic, approximately 30-minute ride to Montecristi, home of toquilla straw hats, or 'Panama' hats. En route, a local band rides atop one of the brightly-painted Chivas buses, the most important means of transportation used by the local people.


Upon arrival in Montecristi, take a guided tour of this beautiful little town, which still retains the atmosphere and faded elegance of its Spanish heritage. Afterward, some free time is made available here to browse the shops lining the central square and its many narrow streets. At the conclusion of your visit, re-board your Chivas bus and commence the approximately 30-minute drive back to the pier.

Origins of the Panama Hat

Today you will have the privilege of visiting a local family at their home in this rural community of Pile where the best hat weavers live and work.

Depart the pier and commence the approximately 75-minutes drive to the town of Pile to immerse in the ancient secret of weaving techniques of the toquilla straw, to fabric the well-known worldwide Panama hat, a genuine treasure that begins in the small town of Pile. An introductory briefing will explain the sociocultural characteristics of Pile's traditional straw-hat weaving, emphasizing the status symbols, the ritual logic of the weaving and fabric the hat, and how it outlines, strengthens and delimits the appropriate way of seeing and living the world in Pile.

After, walk through the tiny dirt streets along the town visiting one of the local family of weavers. A demonstration is held in real time and space (weavers' houses, where knowledge is practiced and transmitted ancestrally). You will be witness of the preparation of the toquilla straw to get the fine strands that will become hats. Then a demonstration of the world's finest weaving, in which you can participate, you are allowed to live the experience when trying to knit after they have been taught the technique. The visit is intended to allow the guests to observe and analyze all spatial, symbolic and functional characteristics with respect to the weaving.

Then board the coach for a s short drive to a local near beach where you will take a bite out of Ecuador with a tasting of ceviche, a centuries-old seafood dish typically made with fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with peppers. Your sensory experience ends with the approximately one-hour a drive back to the pier.

Pacoche Ecological Sanctuary, Cooking Demonstration & Tasting

Discover the splendid traditions, forests and flavours of Ecuador during this memorable, half-day excursion to the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge. Located at only twenty minutes from Manta, the forest is a green patch in the middle of a semi-desert area of the coast of Manabí. Its fascinating microclimate serves as habitat for countless species that are characteristics of the area. Pacoche is well-known for the howler monkeys, and over 250 species of birds, from which, 55 are endemic.

Depart the pier for the brief drive to the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge. En route, take in panoramic views of the spectacular dry forest, humid forest, beaches, wildlife, and picturesque typical towns along coastal Ecuador. Experience the climatic change of this area as you ascend to the Pacoche Wildlife Refuge.

Your visit to the refuge begins with a refreshing fruit juice served upon arrival, followed by a guided walking tour along the trail inside this ecological sanctuary. The refuge is home of the howler monkeys, and over many species of native and regional bird-life. Pass by banana plantations, toquilla straw used to weave hats, sugar cane fields and the palm that produces tagua nuts, locally-known as 'vegetable ivory'.

Afterward, see a mill, or 'trapiche', that is used to extract the juice from sugarcane, then observe a demonstration of a local artisan making a Panama hat from toquilla straw. Following this demonstration, hats are available for purchase.

From here, proceed for a ceviche tasting and a cooking demonstration. Ecuadorian Ceviche is different from the recipes from other Latin America countries but it is just as much as delicious and special. We can say it is like a cold soup of your favorite sea food (fish, shrim, shells, octopus, crab, etc.) spiced with lemon, onion, tomato and other local species, creating a fascinating mixture of flavors and textures that are certainly worth experiencing.

Your visit to the Pacoche Forest concludes with a drive back to the pier.

Scuba Exclusive! Puerto Lopez (Two Tank Dive)

Ecuador is an ocean lover's paradise where beneath the waves, hidden from ordinary sight, is a world that is truly extraordinary. Ecuador's Pacific Ocean teems with a marine bounty few other countries possess, and if you are a scuba diver you will be astonished at the sheer spectacle that awaits you.

Pacific Coast Drive and Puerto López

Depart the pier for the scenic, approximately two-hour drive to Puerto López in the direction of Machalilla National Park. Upon arrival, receive your diving and safety instructions, and be outfitted with your scuba diving equipment.

Scenic Boat Ride

Next, embark a boat for the ride to the first dive site. En route, see marine habitats that include cliffs, sandy beaches, rocky shores and low, rugged continental islands. Ecuador has a rich marine life off its Pacific coast, and scuba diving trips from mainland Ecuador are enriching experiences that allow access to some interesting dive spots.

Diving Session

The sea bottom near Ecuador's coast is largely made up of rock, with large coral reefs and patches of sand, and coral fans, or 'gorgonians', in a wide array of colours. The fauna is very rich and varied, with large groups of fish such as angelfish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish, flute fish, jacks, sea bass, puffer fish, balloon fish, morays, snappers, trigger fish, parrot fish, scorpion fish, manta rays, guitar rays, and white tip sharks. You may also spot green marine turtles, sea stars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers.

Before you return to the pier a box lunch will be served on board.

Upon arrival, re-board your coach and commence the approximately two-hour drive back to the pier.

The Very Best of Puerto Lopez

Coastal Drive and Machalilla National Park

Depart the port on a comfortable coach heading to Agua Blanca, a small community situated approximately 10 km from Puerto López in Machalilla National Park.

Agua Blanca and Archaeological Museum

Travel to Agua Blanca, to visit the small archaeological museum that holds some artefacts from ancient pre-Columbian civilizations that settled in this area. The ruins there form a sort of solar calendar once used to hold ceremonies on the summer and winter solstice. The museum also holds cremation urns from the Manteña culture, the last pre-Columbian civilization to settle in Ecuador near the city of Manta (hence the name Manteña).

After visiting the museum, explore Machalilla National Park, which spans 55,000 hectares in the Manabí province. This park is truly unique because it is home to the only dry tropical forest in the world.

Pass through the park, you will notice mangroves, cactus and cotton plants, as well as unique local fauna. In the marine part of the park, it is also possible to see whales that return to the coast of Ecuador every year from the Antarctic.Inside the park, we will also visit a small village inhabited by the descendants of the Manteña culture, who still live as their ancestors did, thanks to the proceeds from the community-based tourism project. The inhabitants of the village are proud to show us their lifestyle and customs, which also include shared use of the land.

Puerto López, Pacha Chocolates

Then, we will travel to Puerto López, a small fishing village on the coast of Ecuador and part of Machalilla National Park where we will stop for a double visit.

First of all, we will head to Pacha Chocolates, where we can buy all kinds of chocolate treats carefully prepared by the owners.

After shopping in the store, we will go to the wild animal rescue centre where, if you are lucky,you may be able to see the moment that a turtle is put back into its natural habitat. Or a local pre-Columbian Museum in Salango,

After visiting the village, we will head to a local venue for lunch in the restaurant and, before leaving you can also relax at the pool

After lunch, board your coach and return to the port and the ship.

Land programmes in MANTA

Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley & Cusco

Discover one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Few places can compare to the 'Lost City of the Incas', breathtakingly situated amongst craggy peaks and billowing clouds. Visit historic Cusco high up in the Andes and travel to Machu Picchu via the Vistadome and back via the Hiram Bingham luxury trains.

03MIDMTA-M: Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley & Cusco

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Departure: Manta

Rejoin ship: Callao

Reserve by: at least 90 days prior to sailing


This Land Adventure is a small group luxury tour, providing bespoke cultural and sightseeing experiences. We limit the tour to a small group in order to ensure your experience is a high-quality one. Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. If the program fills up, you'll be accommodated on a space-available basis. Advanced booking is required at least 90 days prior to sailing date via Silversea Reservations. We suggest booking early to secure your spot(s).

Please be advised that a minimum number of participants is required for this program to run as described. In rare cases when the minimum number of participants is not met, Silversea reserves the right to offer the program at an increased rate based on private arrangements or to cancel your specific departure for a refund. The self-cancellation fee, unless otherwise advised, is 90 days or sooner to initial sailing date at the rate of 100% program fare per person. The payment for your Land Adventure is due in full on the same date as your final payment due for your cruise. Per Silversea's general payment terms, bookings made within 120 days of sailing require full payment within seven days of booking or sooner.

All Land Adventures are non-transferable and non-refundable within 120 days of sailing, with the exception of cancellation by Silversea. Our family-friendly land programs require adult accompaniment of any guests under the age of 18. All Land Adventures are owned by independent contractors, and Silversea makes no representations and assumes no responsibility for the services provided by these operators. Silversea and our local operators make every effort to ensure your land program runs as described. Our local operators reserve the right to modify tour sequence, sites visited and venues mentioned due to operational reasons.


Please check with your travel professional for details regarding visa requirements for Ecuador and Peru'. It is the responsibility of each guest to obtain all appropriate visas before cruising.


The local currency is Peruvian Nuevo Sol; however US dollars are well-accepted by most vendors; local ATMs are available in some locations visited. (There is no shopping stop planned during the program.)

Discover one of South America's most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites recently declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Few places can compare to the 'Lost City of the Incas', one of the most beautiful and enigmatic sites in the world. From Manta, travel by land and air to Lima via Guayaquil. In the morning, a scheduled flight takes you to Cusco, nestled in the Andes. Travel via the Orient Express luxury trains the Vistadome he 'Hiram Bingham' to Machu Picchu and visit the Inca's breath-taking 'Citadel in the Clouds' ringed by green-clad mountain peaks. Stay in the beautiful Sacred Valley as well as in the historic city of Cusco high up in the Andes before re-joining the ship in Callao.

DAY ONE - Friday, December 4th, 2020 - Manta / Guayquil / Lima

Depart the ship for the approximately 4-hour transfer to Guayaquil (comfort stops made enroute). Located on the banks of the Guayas River, Guayaquil is Ecuador's principle port and largest city, with almost 4 million inhabitants. Guayaquil's strong culture and traditions stand in amazing contrast to the modernity of its new constructions. Guayaquil's port, "Puerto Maritimo", is the main sea port of the country and is where 80% of the country's imports and more than 50% of its exports are handled. The commercial and industrial centre of Ecuador, Guayaquil lies about 60 kilometres from the Gulf of Guayaquil and the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy a panoramic tour of the city before heading to a local restaurant for lunch.

Then continue to the airport for your flight to Lima. Upon arrival in Lima, claim your baggage and then board the coach to theWyndham Costa del Sol Airport Hotel where you will have dinner and spend the first night of this wonderful journey.

Overnight at the Wyndham Costa del Sol Airport Hotel in Lima.

DAY TWO - Saturday, December 5th, 2020 - Lima / Sacred Valley

Begin your day with breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then return to Lima's airport for your flight to Cusco. If the sky is clear, the 80-minute flight offers impressive views of the Andes. Upon arrival in Cusco, claim your baggage and then board the coach.

En route to the Sacred Valley,visit Awanakancha, a small camelid farm dedicated to the animals native to the Andes such as Llams, Alpacas, Guanacos and Vicunas. After getting to know the animals, take some time to visit the small onsite exhibits, where you can understand how the animals wool is refined and naturally dyed, before finally being expertly woven into fabrics, tapestry's, clothing and a variaty of other products. Women from native communities offer live examples of traditional and intricate weaving techniques, using basic tools and wooden looms.

Next drive to Hacienda Sarpampa where lunch is served. Continue the drive to Hacienda Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon at leisure. To help you acclimate and adjust to the change in altitude, the coach takes you over the mountain pass and into the Sacred Valley, to a lower altitude. To facilitate adjust to the change, we suggest to take things easy, do not overly exert yourself, and avoid alcohol. The local remedy is to drink coca tea.

Finally, transfer to Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel. Relax and rest and meet for dinner at the suggested time.

Overnight at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel - Sacred Valley.

DAY THREE - Sunday, December 6th, 2020 - Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu / Cusco

In the morning, after breakfast, transfer to the Ollantaytambo train station to board the Vistadome train.

The trip will take approximately three hours during which brunch is served. Watch as the train passes through the spectacular scenery of the Urubamba Valley. At the end of the trip, a 25-minute bus ride will take you up a winding road to 'the Lost City of the Incas', arriving around 1:00 p.m. - at an hour when many tourists are on their way back to the train station. The setting of the ruins amongst green-clad mountain peaks is a spectacular and unforgettable sight.

Proceed with a guided walking tour of the Citadel along ancient pathways, staircases and terraces, past temples and towers. For centuries, the site was buried in the jungle until discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. Excavations have been on-going ever since. Much of the walking is on uneven ground and involving steps. Conclude your visit with afternoon tea at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge.

In the early evening, head back to the train station and enjoy once more VIP treatment aboard the Hiram Bingham. During the return journey, relax whilst sipping cocktails, watching live entertainment and enjoying a four-course gourmet dinner. At approximately 8:30 pm, arrive at the Rio Sagrado train station, disembark Hiram Bingham, and settle on the coach for the ride back to the hotel.

Overnight at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel - Sacred Valley.

DAY FOUR - Monday, December 7th, 2020 - Cusco / Callao

After breakfats and check out commence your 1.5 hour drive to Cusco. Upon arrival we collect our bags and head straight to Sacsayhuaman. Strategically located on a hill overlooking Cusco, Sacsayhuaman was constructed without mortar, like many other Inca structures. Yet the enormous stones (some weighing 200 tons) of the remaining walls fit so tightly that not even a thin blade of grass can slide between them. The craftsmanship is a stunning example of the Inca's sophisticated construction techniques and architectural skills.

Visit the splendid Baroque-style Cusco Cathedral, built in the mid-1500s on the foundations of an Inca palace. Many of the stones used in its construction were looted from the nearby Sacsayhuaman fortress. Continue to the sacred site of Qoricancha. Here, we admire the lovely Dominican Convent of Santo Domingo that was built on the foundations of the Temple of the Sun, the most sumptuous temple in the Inca Empire. The curved, mortar-less masonry wall at the west end of the church is considered to be one of the greatest existing examples of Inca stonework.

Next, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant in Cusco before the flight to Lima. Upon arrival in Lima, transfer to Callao to embark the Silver Moon.

Please note: This Mid-Voyage Land Adventure requires an extensive amount of walking, some of which is on cobblestone paths and unpaved trails, with uneven surfaces. There are many steps to climb. This excursion is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair. Altitude sickness may be a problem for guests suffering from palpitations, shortness of breath or severe headaches. The contents and order of activities of this excursion are subject to change by the local operator without prior notice. Changes may be due to prevailing weather conditions and/or other un-avoidable disruptions. Pack carefully; luggage weight restriction is limited to 50 lb. (23 kg). Warm clothes are necessary; trekking or comfortable walking shoes with non-slip soles are important. Plan on wearing layers of clothing. You will be at higher altitude so sunblock, wide-brimmed, expedition-style hats and sunglasses are necessary. Remember to bring your camera and binoculars. This Land Adventure involves touring outdoors and guests may be exposed to warm, humid and/or wet weather and insects. Bring rain gear and insect repellent. Insects and other environmental exposure should be anticipated. The tour itinerary and order of sites are subject to change without prior notice and airline alterations to the flight schedules may affect the tour content. This description is a general overview of the programme only and changes may be made if local conditions require. Space is limited, but a minimum of participants is required to operate this excursion.

Programme Includes:

· One-night stay at Wyndham Costa del Sol Airport Hotel - Lima.

· Two-night stay at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Hotel - Sacred Valley

· Scheduled flights, Economy-Class: Guayaquil / Lima / Cusco and Cusco / Lima. At this time the airlines do not offer a Business Class of service on these flights.

· One way trip travel aboard the Vistadome train to Machu Picchu and one way trip travel back aboard the 'Hiram Bingham' train

· Three breakfasts, four lunches, and three dinners with drinks included.

· All sightseeing and transfers as per itinerary

Not Included:

Any meals and drinks not specified above, charges incurred by the airlines for excess or overweight luggage, gratuities to drivers and tour guides, laundry, telephone calls, cancellation insurance, and other personal items.

An Introduction to Silversea Cruises

The romance of the seas, small ship sizes and intimate atmosphere, Silversea has long been a leader in the ultra-luxury market. Travelling to both iconic and secluded ports, Silversea’s award-winning itineraries inspire wanderlust and exploration. With over 900 destinations, longer port stays and more late-night departures than ever before, even the savviest traveler will find something new. A butler for every suite, a complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences, all-inclusive exquisite dining, award-winning onboard entertainment and an unparalleled space to guest ratio all contribute to the Silversea experience. Not forgetting our famed Italian hospitality, where new faces become old friends. Bienvenuti a bordo.