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Bahamas Luxury Cruises

Think of long, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and crystal, clear waters and you will probably be imagining the Bahamas.

Think of long, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and crystal, clear waters and you will probably be imagining the Bahamas. A classic cruise destination, this chain of 700 islands is commonly considered paradise on earth. Bursting with sub-tropical charm, a relaxed way of living and natural beauty a go-go, enjoy an all-inclusive Bahamas luxury cruise from Fort Lauderdale. Discover the hidden hideaways of Clarence Town, Conception Island, Exuma Island and Harbour Island.

The locals say “it’s better in the Bahamas!” … one all-inclusive cruise with Silversea and you’ll find out why.


Why Silversea?

Intimate Ships

Just four ships in Silversea’s luxury fleet visit the Bahamas, proving that smaller really does get you closer. These range from our smallest ocean-liner, Silver Wind, with just 294 guests to the all-new hybrid ship Silver Cloud. And even if that means a tender to shore, the low draught of our ships means that you are just a stone’s throw away from the twinkling lights Fort Lauderdale, or the deserted beaches of Conception Island! So more time can be spent channelling your inner Jack Sparrow ashore, rather than being stuck on a bus getting into town.

Luxury Oceanview Suites

Nothing says a Bahamas Cruise better than the sun on warming your shoulders to the sounds of the gentle lapping of the wave. With Silversea Luxury Cruises, every suite offers clear ocean views while almost all have a private veranda. So feeling the Bahamian breeze with a cool glass of champagne from the privacy of your veranda has never been easier. Wake up to breakfast on the balcony, and a view to write home about! Thanks to Silversea Luxury Cruises, The Bahamas just got a whole lot better.

Personalised Service

This remains the jewel in Silversea’s crown, and the reason we are still afloat after 25 years in cruising. From sunrise to sunset, our crew is hands down the best in the business. Our dedication to guest satisfaction means: a personal butler around the clock, a guest-to-crew ration of almost 1:1, attention to detail such as your favourite drink ready upon return to the ship, reservations made at your request … your wish is on demand! This is personal service at its best.

All-Inclusive Cruises

From the moment you step onboard, whether its from Fort Lauderdale , San Juan or even Quebec, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that all your needs have already been taken care of. This means you can enjoy your favourite rum punch at your leisure, get your bartender to make the fabled Sky Juice - a local speciality or enjoy a wide range of restaurants, full in-suite beverages and of course, no salient gratuities at the end of your stay. Leave your wallets at home, and make room for your memories!

Gourmet Cuisine

As you cruise into The Bahamas, we bet you are already imagining the taste of fresh conch salad, Bimini bread (made with coconut and honey) and grilled rock lobster washed down by a long, cool yellow bird! At Silversea we believe that an immersive gourmet experience is the summary of any journey and no cruise to The Bahamas is complete without sampling some of the local specialities. So get ready to enjoy destination-focused dishes on board served amid the gentle ocean breeze as you travel to your next destination.

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