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Welcome to our largest ever voyage collection.

This season sees us sailing to 695 destinations and 120 countries. We have built and curated an unprecedented variety of tailor-made voyages and authentic experiences, so you can explore the remote and remarkable in superlative comfort. From rediscovering iconic sights in some of the world’s most beautiful cities, to revealing the uniqueness of countries seen off-season, to venturing deeper on journeys to distant destinations, we have scouted the world to unlock the most memorable travel experiences for you. Welcome aboard.


We’ve curated a brand new collection of voyages, where every destination and every detail has been conceived with you in mind. Get ready to experience our largest ever new voyage collection.

More ways than ever to discover the authentic beauty of the world

This season sees us push the boundaries of ultra-luxury travel, with longer seasons and greater choice than ever before. Choose voyages from 6 to 24 days in a variety of seasons, and enjoy new perspectives long before or after the crowds have gone. Discover the authentic beauty of Canada and New England in summer and the Mediterranean in autumn on sailings that embrace both secluded ports and iconic destinations. Or perhaps you want to explore Antarctica on our Antarctica Bridge or classic itineraries? What’s more, our ashore experiences are better than ever – including extraordinary land programmes and, of course, the superb S.A.L.T programme onboard Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, Silver Nova and Silver Ray.

Unprecedented innovation taking you deeper into travel

Our itineraries are not world-famous for nothing! Our team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic destination scouts have unearthed a plethora of uncharted destinations for you this season. Explore remote and diverse ports such as Bird Island and Hermanaus, both in South Africa and maiden calls for Silversea. Or, why not imbibe in the tropical treasures of the South Pacific with long stays in Hawaii and French Polynesia? Our destination architects have built a wealth of immersive, authentic shore experiences in distant destinations that promise to change the way you see the world.


Introducing Silversea's New Voyage Collection 2024/25

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Whether you want to visit the Alaska, Asia or Antarctica, we promise we have the perfect itinerary for you! From experiencing the prismatic beauty of Africa and the Indian Ocean, to travelling to the ends of the Earth in the South Pacific Islands, to visiting iconic cities in the Mediterranean to drinking in the colours of Canada and New England, we promise we have the perfect itinerary and the perfect ship for you!

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