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2024/2025 voyages

Taste the evocative and alluring flavours of Asia, while discovering ancient traditions aplenty.

Unveil Asia’s secrets, on voyages carefully curated to stir emotions and delight the curious of heart. A vast continent of spirituality, traditions and ancient allure, Asia promises unrestrained adventure and plenty of spice along the way. The world’s largest continent is home to over half of the world’s population, where experiences veer between bustling activity and meditative peace. Neon city skylines contrast sharply with the minimal beauty of verdant rural rice fields. Encounter a rich collage of characterful global cities, streets decorated with colossal Buddha statues, intricate temples and tiered pagodas. Skilled chefs whip up fiery cuisine in celebrated kitchens- and in lively street markets – revered around the world. Our itineraries unravel Asia’s mysteries, bringing you to the heart of incredible visions like Japan’s gorgeous wash of delicate pink cherry blossoms and the turquoise waters of island paradises like Thailand’s Ko Samui. Any journey to Asia is a voyage of culture and intense flavour, which is guaranteed to linger long after you’ve disembarked.

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Introducing Silversea's New Voyage Collection 2024/25


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