Silversea vs 5-Star Caribbean Hotel

¿Cómo se compara Silversea con un hotel de 5 estrellas en el Caribe?

Silver Wind Crucero por el Caribe1
Hotel de 5 estrellas2
  Por persona y noche, en régimen de ocupación doble 7-noches:
  Por persona y noche, en régimen de ocupación doble 7-noches:
Alojamientos:   $430 por persona
$3,010   $250 por persona $1,750
Destino:   La embarcación lleva a los invitados a las siguientes ciudades sin necesidad de hacer o deshacer maletas: San Juán, Basseterre, Castries, Bridgetown, Roseau, Deshaies y Road Town.
$0   Guests must fly between two
Caribbean cities if they wish to
include at least two destinations in
their 7 night experience.
Características de la habitación:
  All suites with ocean views, 80% with private teak veranda     All rooms have balcony, with harbour or city view  
Las comidas:
  All Included: ocean-view restaurant,
terrace & poolside dining, in-suite dining,
24-hr room service, snacks
$0   Breakfast: $25 (x7)
Lunch: $30 (x7)
Dinner: $75 (x7)
Vino en las comidas:
  Included $0   House Wine $7 per glass
(3 per person, per day)
Bebidas sin alcohol (refrescos, agua mineral)
  Included $0   $6 each (4 per person, per day) $168
Barra libre:
  Included – Wines, Spirits & Champagne
throughout the vessel
$0   Cash Bar: $10 premium brand cocktail NA
Receptions (una hora de barra libre, aperitivos calientes y fríos):
  Included (unlimited) $0   $70 per person (3 receptions) $210
Bar en la habitación & bebidas del minibar:
  Complimentary $0   Maybe (at a fee) NA
Botella de champán de bienvenida:
  Complimentary Champagne $0   $100 per bottle $100
Espacio para encuentros:
  Complimentary $0   Room Rental Negotiable - labour and setup fees additional NA
A.V. Equipamiento:
  Standard AV included $0   $2,000 per meeting (standard AV, labour rates, sercive charge and sales tax x 3 meetings) $15
Pausas de reuniones:
  Complimentary $0   $40 per person (2 breaks daily x 3 meetings) $120
  Included: Show Lounge with cabaret-style shows, variety acts, special performances and feature films $0   $30,000 ($15,000 x 2 special events) $102
Propinas y tasas:
  Included $0   Above rates include 7% tax on accommodation, 16%
tax on meeting rooms, A/V etc., and 15% sales tax on
all food & beverage pricing.
  $3,010 por persona
    $3,922 por persona

The Results...

Over $260,000 in Savings (based on 294 guests)
More Amenities for Less
An Experience Beyond Compare

1Based on a 7-night full-charter of the Silver Wind (capacity 294/147 suites), sailing in the Caribbean in March 2016.
2Based on 7-night program at 5-star properties in the Bahamas/Caribbean with 147 Run-of-House rooms (294 persons) in March 2016. Prices are estimated based on average banquet menu prices.

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Silversea vs 5-Star Caribbean Hotel