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From the islands’ volcanic origins to their present-day status as a marine reserve, the Galápagos are truly a natural and wildlife haven. One of the remotest places in the world and home to an astonishing 9,000 species of flora and fauna, the 19 island-archipelago was the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Site. Thanks to over 10 years of expertise in exploring this region our destination experts have perfected our itineraries for a more immersive, transformative travel experience, balancing incredible ashore experiences, education, and indulgence.


Visit Isla Bartolome
Famous for the iconic Galápagos view of jaw-dropping volcanic landscapes, Bartolome is also great for underwater wildlife and scuba diving.

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Experience immersive travel in the Galápagos with Silversea with 30 voyages and 27 destinations.

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Galápagos voyages are filled with enriching experiences and rare opportunities to immerse yourself in each destination from onboard Silver Origin, the most luxurious ship to grace the shores of the islands. Our seasoned Expedition Team will connect you with the 19 islands of the archipelago in a deep and meaningful way. Enjoy local experiences such as diving, fishing with local operators, or a S.A.L.T. dining experience inside a lava tunnel. This living natural museum once inspired the work of Charles Darwin and will inspire you to see, and think of, our natural world in a whole new way.

Onboard safari at sea

Our expeditions offer an immersive “safari at sea” experience with a boundless connection to the destination and breathtaking wilderness while on board.

Immersive shore experiences

Guests can enjoy adventures such as complimentary Zodiac ® tours, kayaking, nature hikes, paddle boarding, coastal trails or snorkelling with Sea Lions.

Designed for the Galápagos islands

Silver Origin’s floor-to-ceiling windows, Horizon Balconies and interactive basecamp make her the only option for exploring the Galápagos in ultra-luxury.

Peerless expedition experience

Our naturalist experts and guides have perfected our itineraries for an immersive, transformative travel experience through personalised exploration.



Silversea will transform your idea of ultra-luxurious travel changing your perspective on the places in the Galápagos – you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

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