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Antarctica 2025/26

New Voyages Collection Treasures & Myths

  • 38 voyages
  • 14 destinations

The last frontier in travel, Antarctica is the ultimate destination with unique beauty and untamed wildlife. Experience the adventure of a lifetime in the least visited place on earth. Thanks to our 15 years of expertise in the region and the expertise of our Expedition Teams, our expeditions to the last continent give you unparalleled access to Antarctica’s destinations. Our winter 2025/26 collection of itineraries offer short and longer expeditions. Our fleet of expedition ships takes you far off the beaten track. We have made all-inclusive luxury cruising to Antarctica into an art form.


Discover the Antarctic Peninsula
Explore the last continent to see seals and penguin colonies. This promontory of land is the furthest-north extension of mainland Antarctica.

Featured Winter 2025/26 voyages

Experience immersive travel in Antarctica with Silversea with over 38 voyages and 14 destinations.

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With our express Antarctica Bridge offering, you can fly over Drake Passage to begin your adventure right on the seventh continent. Our Antarctica voyages are filled with enriching experiences and rare opportunities to immerse yourself in each destination, both offshore and onboard. Exciting shore experiences will connect you closely to breath-taking landscapes and unique wildlife. From kayaking across icebergs to on foot land explorations, our extensive experience enables us to combine the absolute finest in terms of best practices and all environmental and social governance responsibilities.

Stunning scenery

Discover Antarctica's natural wonders – massive tabular icebergs, the deepest oceans and landscapes of ice-shelves, glaciers, volcanoes and mountains.

Enjoy wildlife watching

Drake Passage is an excellent area for whale-watching and pelagic birding. Look for albatrosses and Southern Giant Petrels, Cape Petrels and Storm Petrels.

Experience the Midnight Sun

This is an incredible natural phenomenon of the Antarctic Regions, and our new itineraries offer the possibility for an awe-inspiring experience.

Kayaking, Zodiac® and more

Depending on ice conditions Zodiac trips might be possible in Antarctic Sound. Remains of whaling stations can be seen in the South Shetland Islands.



Silversea will transform your idea of ultra-luxurious travel changing your perspective on the places in Antarctica that you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

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See the hidden gems and iconic sights we offer by downloading all the sailings and highlights of our New Voyages Collection for Winter 2025/26.