Unlearn Japan, To Discover It Again

Unlearn Japan, To Discover It Again


With its complex and curious blend of history and modernity, exotic foods, and peaceful temples, Japan is among the richest countries in the world. From ancient crafts to age-old practices, enduring traditions and cultured celebrations, Japan’s defining features are fascinating and unique. Set sail with Silversea and experience Japan in-depth.

Immerse Yourself Into Japanese Culture With Silversea

Inspirational, aspirational but above all educational, Japan is the ultimate savvy traveller’s destination

The Rituals Behind a Traditional Japanese Wedding

A fascinating first-hand glimpse into the customs, rituals and traditions of a Japanese Shinto wedding. From choosing the most auspicious day of the year to the intricacies of the wedding kimono – for both men and women, the wedding ceremony is celebrated in front of family, friends and most importantly, gods.

A Day in the Life of a Japanese Geisha

Far from the courtesans they are portrayed as in the west, geisha are professional entertainers who are well versed in Japanese aesthetics and help keep Japan's cultural traditions alive. In fact, the word geisha actually means artisan, and reflects their dedication to traditional arts and culture.

The Philosophy Behind the Most Beautiful Japanese Gardens

Rooted in religion and an exercise in the art of Zen, gardening in Japan takes many forms. Spanning millennia, the landscape design and simple, minimalistic approach encourage reflection and serenity. Less is more with this type of garden – meticulous planning and centuries of know-how go into creating one.

Taste the Culinary Treasures of Japan

Perhaps the ultimate foodie destination, Japanese cuisine is far more than just sushi and noodles. Healthy, balanced and famously nutritious, when it comes to food, no trip to Japan is complete without sampling local specialities. From classic miso soup to delicately prepared pufferfish, welcome to a cuisine that is both weird and wonderful.