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A smorgasbord of culture, charisma and fairy tale castles, Europe dazzles by definition.

Diversity is the name of the game here: equal parts ancient ruins, renaissance artworks, sun-kissed beaches and rugged coastline, the only word to define the continent is indefinable. From the majesty of St. Petersburg to Crete’s labyrinthine streets, via Cornwall’s pastoral perfection and Copenhagen’s savvy design, every one of the countries offers something unique. And let’s not forget culinary excellence that is envied the world over! Europe offers an unforgettable experience, whether it’s your first or 500th time. And of course, Silversea was born in Europe. Our Made in Italy hallmark permeates throughout everything we do, from our itineraries all the way to our ships. But of course it is our European service that has made us famous. No other continent (or company) holds attention to detail quite so highly, and we are proud to maintain European standards of excellence, wherever we’re sailing. So whether you’re travelling the shores of sunny Spain or the coasts of the Outer Hebrides, you know you’re in our home waters in Europe.


There’s simply no other region on the planet that can rival Europe

The Mediterranean

Where to begin? The sunsets of Santorini? The glamour of the Riviera? The landmarks of Rome? The list goes on and on why the Mediterranean holds travellers in thrall year after year. And why not? This region has absolutely everything. Fantastic climate – check. Cultural heritage –check. Glorious scenery – check. Yet it is the world-famous diet that makes this region so very covetable. From delicate granitas made with freshly squeezed Sicilian lemons to plates of Spanish tapas in Andalucia, join us to discover a gastronomic Mediterranean that is only available to locals.

Northern Europe

Europe is far more than sun-kissed shores and fiery summers. Set sail for some of Europe’s fabulous cities of the north – think Amsterdam, Edinburgh, St. Petersburg and Helsinki to name just a few. Laden with quirkiness, cosmopolitan culture and a wealth of rich history (not to mention some mighty landmarks and breathtaking landscape), Northern Europe is both time and magic in one verdant package.


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