In the age of Wi-Fi, smartphones and geotagging, Antarctica still remains the ultimate Terra Incognita.

Antarctica. Even just saying it sounds adventurous. The surreal remoteness. The absolute beauty. The myriad of wildlife. The ice. The snow (the miles and miles of snow and ice). And yes, the Drake Passage. A rite of passage for those who really want to travel to the seventh continent; the Drake Passage proves that you need to earn the right to go to Antarctica. And for those who travel with passion, this is the only destination on the planet that will suffice. Meeting the personal challenge of reaching Earth’s last wilderness doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. Silversea’s polished luxury offers even the most intrepid of explorers’ home comforts, whether it’s onboard or onshore. Think guided Zodiac tours with world-class experts, 10-night sailings that include expedition adventures to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands and award-winning luxury from stem to stern. With both comfort and authenticity on the map, isn’t it time you fell in love with Antarctica?

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