Take an exclusive look at the world and at time itself.

It’s time to board Silver Dawn, and set sail on a World Cruise that explores the world off-season, off-tempo and off the beaten path. Become a traveller, not a tourist, and embark on a voyage where you’ll open a window to the world and discover unexpected moments in iconic destinations. Our World Cruise 2025 takes a contretempo look at the world and time itself.

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Controtempo will also be super special as the very first world cruise onboard our magnificent flagship, Silver Dawn. With unparalleled comfort, suites like this one, and lots of personal space and dining options - including 8 bars and lounges AND eight restaurants - you’ll be spoiled for choice.

OTIVM – Go beyond wellness

Embark on a bespoke sensorial journey around the world on board our beautiful flagship, Silver Dawn. Rooted in the ancient Roman philosophy that living well and being well are not mutually exclusive, Otium redefines luxurious pampering at sea by creating blissful moments of unprecedented comfort that transform the way you relax – seamlessly imbuing your Controtempo World Cruise with a deeper sense of contentment.

S.A.L.T. – Taste the world

Curated with Adam Sachs, former Editor in Chief of Saveur magazine, our unique S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste) programme will weave an ongoing culinary narrative and course of exploration throughout this cruise along the theme of The Essential Tastes of the World. More than just a delectable concept, S.A.L.T. seeks to truly understand and more deeply appreciate each destination by savouring the heart of its culture – which can best be seen through the lens of its authentic local food culture – seasoned with the time of year we shall be visiting and balancing traditional with modern delicacies.

Bespoke events

Created exclusively for this Controtempo World Cruise 2025, each of these unique events will only happen once but will be remembered for a lifetime. Starting with a magnificent gala dinner, they will immerse you in a voyage of genuine discovery to uncover the true spirit of the Cham Empire, a sky high Singaporean extravaganza, a romantic Bollywood experience, a private tour of an Egyptian presidential palace, a grand evening at Versailles in true Marie Antoinette style, a bespoke photography exhibition based around your unique sailing and a movingly iconic musical farewell.

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Travel deeper off season and get different perspective

Prepare to venture “off-tempo” on an extraordinary voyage to visit 34 countries in a new way, including 19 places which we have never sailed to before, and an incredibly high number of overnight stays (21) and late departures (24), giving you time to immerse yourself more deeply in the authentic rhythms of each fascinating destination.

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