Join the cruising elite on Silver Nova’s inaugural voyage

Join us aboard Silver Nova’s maiden voyage. Departing from Venice on a round trip that takes in all the glory of the Dalmatian Coast, this is a voyage that visits crosses cultures, countries and cuisines. Be amongst the lucky few and experience Silver Nova as she takes to the waves for her very first cruise, sailing with pioneering, like-minded guests who enjoy their travel with a taste of adventure! Expect lots of celebrations along the way as we enjoy Silver Nova’s milestone debut voyage.


The Mediterranean is such a magical region. The coasts are of a rare and everlasting beauty, surprising even the most well-travelled time and time again. Packed with culture, charisma and crystal clear seas, these are countries that surely deserve their reputation. Sail aboard Silver Nova and enjoy France’s ooh la la glamour, Spain’s fun in the sun and Italy’s fabled Dolce Vita – among much more. Isn’t it time you imbibed in the very best of the region that is far more than a sum of its parts?


Go beyond the beach with Silver Nova’s inaugural sailings in the Caribbean and South America. Discover itineraries that visit an astonishing array of ports, many of which are rarely seen by cruisers. The region’s diversity is stunning, and with our huge choice of voyages in the region, there is no need for you to miss a thing. From iconic cities to lush rainforest to pristine beaches, your only decision is where to begin. The Caribbean and South America might be big, but Silver Nova ensures that you get the best experience both onboard and on shore.