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Silversea has set up a Testimonial Page to allow guests to describe their cruise experiences. If you agree to participate in the Silversea Testimonial Page, Silversea will consider posting your statements on its website.

  1. Please send your stories and photos to vs@silversea.com 
  2. Please limit your photos to 3 per testimonial. Images must be in jpg or bmp format to be accepted.
  3. Please read the Terms & Conditions below before submitting your testimonial.

Thank you!

By submitting a Testimonial to the Silversea Testimonial Page, you agree to the follow Terms & Conditions

  • Your submission of a Testimonial does not create any obligation on Silversea's part to post the Testimonial on its Testimonial Page.
  • By submitting your Testimonial to Silversea, you hereby irrevocably assign, transfer and convey all right and title to and ownership of the Testimonial, including any and all intellectual property rights arising there from, to Silversea. You also expressly waive any claim of loss or damage of any kind resulting from an inaccurate posting of your Testimonial.
  • If Silversea decides to post your Testimonial, you hereby irrevocably waive any claim whatsoever for any compensation of any kind in connection with such posting.
  • You hereby expressly permit Silversea to use your name as it appears on the Testimonial in connection with the posting of your Testimonial.
  • In consideration for your agreement to these terms and conditions, Silversea will review and consider your Testimonial for possible posting on its website.
  • You have fully read and understand all of these terms and conditions for participation in the Silversea Testimonial Page programme and you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.
    This agreement will be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Florida.
  • This agreement states the entire agreement between you and Silversea concerning this subject matter and supersedes all prior discussions, agreements and understanding, either written or oral.
  • This agreement may not be amended except by a writing signed by you (or your authorised representative) and an authorised representative of Silversea.