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ring-tailed lemur with her cute babies

Nosy Bé, meaning Big Island in the Malagasy language, lies just a stone's throw off Madagascar's northwest coast. It is a remote and exotic destination. With its deserted beaches, rustic hotels and unhurried pace, it attracts travellers looking for a laid-back vacation. The fertile island is the centre for the production of perfume essence from the ylang-ylang trees. The heady scent of their flowers gave Nosy Bé the name "Perfumed Isle." Other local products include sugar cane, coffee, vanilla and pepper; they are grown for export in large plantations. View more

Hellville, the island’s main town and port, is situated in a sheltered bay. It is named after a former French governor, Admiral de Hell. The town features a few old colonial buildings, a busy market, some small boutiques and tourist shops along the busy main street. At the quayside, vendors display embroidered linens, wood carvings and straw articles. Trips into the lush countryside may include a ride up to Mt. Passot. At 950 feet (285 metres), this is the highest point on the island. The view from the top offers an extensive panorama of crater lakes nestled between verdant hills. Most visitors make the boat trip to Nosy Komba. The tiny island is known for its lemur reserve. These arboreal primates, with their large eyes, soft fur and long curling tails, have lived unharmed for centuries in the forest behind Ampangorina village. The lemurs are a popular tourist attraction and a profitable source of income to the small local community.

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Excursões em Nosy Be / Komba

Wildlife & Culture of Madagascar

Madagascar is known for its unique assortment of flora and fauna. The best known endemic animal is the lemur of which a small colony is found on the island of Nosy Komba. This tour offers the opportunity to see the animals in their habitat. Nosy Komba is only accessible by boat.

Nosy Komba

The trip to Nosy Komba takes approximately 30 minutes and cruises along the east coast of Nosy Bé and the Lokobe Forest arriving at Ampangorina Beach. After an extensive uphill walk guests will then walk through the tiny fishing village brings you to the black lemur sanctuary. The animals can be observed climbing and resting in the trees. They are quite friendly and sometimes jump onto visitors' arms or shoulders. The animals have always enjoyed the protection of the villagers and today this tourist attraction greatly benefits the economy of the tiny settlement.

Leaving the lemur habitat, proceed to the beach area for refreshments. Local women show their skills making tablecloths and offer souvenirs for sale such as pottery, wood carvings and embroideries. The dinghies and boats are on stand-by for the return trip to the ship.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate to extensive amount of walking over unpaved surfaces with an extensive uphill climb to reach the village. When buying wooden articles, be sure they have been treated for termites. Transportation to Nosy Komba is by various size local boats. Off the island, a transfer to smaller boats is required to get ashore. A wet landing may also be involved. We recommend wearing light clothing, shorts, sun protection and shoes that you do not mind getting wet. Expect the weather to be hot and humid. Don't forget to bring your camera. Sighting of wildlife cannot be guaranteed. Souvenir shop accepts USD and EURO cash only. No credit cards accepted. The cost of providing a tour program is proportionately more expensive than in neighbouring nations. Unfortunately this is reflected in the prices of the tours, and we request your understanding.