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The Farquhar Group of islands is located approximately 400 miles west of Mahe Island (where Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, is located). The most prominent of the Farquhar Group is the Farquhar atoll, which looks somewhat like a fishing hook from the sky; some have referred to it as a seahorse with its arced neck and curved tail. The sparse inhabitants of the two main islands of the atoll (Farquhar North and Farquhar South) are rarely visited but wecloming. View more

Hawksbill and green sea turtles come to the atoll for nesting, and several of the Farquhar Group’s islands are Important Bird Areas. Goelettes, the southernmost of the atoll’s islets, holds Sooty Terns, Brown Noddies and Black-naped Terns. See some of the lightest blue waters and most pristine beaches found the world over, where sport fishermen avidly catch multi-hundred-pound exotic fish.

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“Voyage of a lifetime” does not even begin to describe a Silversea Expedition experience. Imagine the comfort and intimacy of our ships, coupled with the most intriguing, far-flung destinations on earth. With over 590 destinations on all 7 continents, this is expedition cruising at its finest. Our uniquely curated itineraries with excursions adapted to individual ability and interest cater to all, while our knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts lead the way. Butler service, highest crew to guest ration in the industry and all-inclusivity make a Silversea Expedition cruise like nothing you have ever experienced.

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Mahe A Mahe
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