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TADOUSSAC (Quebec) Canada & New England,Northern Europe & British Isles TAKAMATSU Asia TAKORADI Africa and Indian Ocean TAKPALA (Kalabahi) Asia TALAN ISLAND & ZAVYALOV ISLAND Russian Far East TALLINN Northern Europe & British Isles TAMI ISLANDS South Pacific Islands TAMPOLO (Masoala National Park) Africa and Indian Ocean TANGIER Mediterranean TANJUNG WANGI Asia TAURANGA (Bay Of Plenty) Australia & New Zealand TEL AVIV (Haifa) Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean THE HAYSTACKS (Alaska) Russian Far East THE SNARES Australia & New Zealand TIMARU Australia & New Zealand TINGWON ISLAND South Pacific Islands TINNAKARA LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDS Africa and Indian Ocean TOBERMORY (Isle Of Mull) Northern Europe & British Isles TOKEH Africa and Indian Ocean TOKYO Alaska,Asia,Transoceanic TORI-SHIMA Asia TORNGAT MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK Arctic & Greenland TORSHAVN (Faroe Islands) Northern Europe & British Isles TORTEL South America TOWNSVILLE Asia,Australia & New Zealand TRAPANI (Sicily) Mediterranean TRAVEMUNDE Northern Europe & British Isles TRESCO (Isles of Scilly) Northern Europe & British Isles TRIESTE Mediterranean TRINCOMALEE Africa and Indian Ocean TRISTAN DA CUNHA Antarctica,Transoceanic TRITON BAY Asia TROIS-RIVIERES Canada & New England TROMSO Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles TRONDHEIM (Trøndelag) Northern Europe & British Isles TRUJILLO Caribbean & Central America TUAM ISLAND South Pacific Islands TUFI South Pacific Islands TULEAR Africa and Indian Ocean TWILLINGATE Arctic & Greenland TYMLAT (Kamchatka) Russian Far East TYULENIY ISLAND Russian Far East Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo Australia & New Zealand