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SACHS HARBOUR (Northwest Territories) Arctic & Greenland SAFAGA (Luxor) Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia,Mediterranean SAFI Africa and Indian Ocean SAGUENAY (Quebec) Canada & New England SAINT MALO (Brittany) Northern Europe & British Isles SAINT TROPEZ Mediterranean SAIPAN Asia SAKAIMINATO Asia SALALAH Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia SALAVERRY Caribbean & Central America,South America SALEM (Massachusetts) Canada & New England SALEM (Massachusetts) Canada & New England SALVADOR DE BAHIA South America,Transoceanic SAM FORD FJORD (Nunavut) Arctic & Greenland SAMARAI South Pacific Islands SAN ANDRES ISLAND Caribbean & Central America SAN BLAS ISLANDS South America SAN CRISTOBAL Galápagos Islands SAN CRISTOBAL (Galapguera) Galápagos Islands SAN DIEGO (California) Alaska,American West Coast,Caribbean & Central America SAN FRANCISCO (California) Alaska,American West Coast SAN JUAN Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America,Mediterranean,South America,Transoceanic SAN JUAN DEL SUR Caribbean & Central America SAN SEBASTIAN (La Gomera) Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic SANTA ANA South Pacific Islands SANTA CRUZ (El Eden) Galápagos Islands SANTA CRUZ (Las Bachas) Galápagos Islands SANTA CRUZ (Los Gemelos) Galápagos Islands SANTA CRUZ DE LA PALMA (Canary Islands) Mediterranean SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE (Canary Islands) Africa and Indian Ocean SANTANDER Northern Europe & British Isles SANTIAGO (Bahia Sullivan) Galápagos Islands SANTO TOMAS Caribbean & Central America,South America SANTORINI Mediterranean,Transoceanic SAO TOME Africa and Indian Ocean SARANDE Mediterranean SATAWAL (Yap) South Pacific Islands SAUMLAKI Australia & New Zealand SAUNDERS ISLAND Antarctica,South America SAVU Australia & New Zealand SAVUSAVU (Vanua Levu) Australia & New Zealand SCARBOROUGH Caribbean & Central America SCORESBY SUND Arctic & Greenland SEATTLE (Washington) Alaska,American West Coast SEGUAM ISLAND (Alaska) Russian Far East SEMARANG (Gateway for Borobodur) Australia & New Zealand SEMIDI (Alaska) Russian Far East SETE Mediterranean SEVEN SPIRIT BAY Australia & New Zealand SEVILLE Africa and Indian Ocean,Caribbean & Central America,Mediterranean,Transoceanic SEWARD (Anchorage, Alaska) Alaska,Russian Far East,Transoceanic SEYDISFJORDUR Northern Europe & British Isles SEYMOUR NARROWS (British Columbia) Alaska SEYMOUR NORTE Galápagos Islands SHANGHAI Asia SHARM EL SHEIK Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean SHIMIZU Asia SHIP COVE Australia & New Zealand SHUMSHU ISLAND Russian Far East SIBENIK Mediterranean SIGLUFJORDUR Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles SIHANOUKVILLE Asia SINGAPORE Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia,Australia & New Zealand SIRACUSA (Sicily) Mediterranean SISIMIUT Arctic & Greenland SITKA (Alaska) Alaska,Transoceanic SKAGWAY (Alaska) Alaska SKARSVAG (Nordkapp) Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles SKELLIG ISLANDS Northern Europe & British Isles SKJOLDUNGEN Arctic & Greenland SKOMER ISLAND Northern Europe & British Isles SMOKING HILLS (Northwest Territories) Arctic & Greenland SOCHI Mediterranean SOMOSOMO (Taveuni) South Pacific Islands SORAL YEP South Pacific Islands SORRENTO Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean SOUDA BAY (Crete) Mediterranean SOUSSE Mediterranean SOUTH GEORGIA Antarctica,South America,Transoceanic SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS Antarctica,South America SOUTHAMPTON Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic SPANISH TOWN Caribbean & Central America SPLIT Mediterranean ST ANTHONY (Newfoundland) Arctic & Greenland ST GEORGE'S Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America,South America ST JOHN Caribbean & Central America ST JOHN'S (Newfoundland) Transoceanic ST MARY'S (Isles of Scilly) Northern Europe & British Isles ST PETER PORT Northern Europe & British Isles ST PETERSBURG Northern Europe & British Isles ST. JOHN'S Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America,South America ST. KILDA Northern Europe & British Isles ST. KITTS (Basseterre) Caribbean & Central America ST. MATTHEW ISLAND (Alaska) Russian Far East ST. PAUL ISLAND (Alaska) Alaska,Russian Far East STANLEY Antarctica,South America,Transoceanic STAVANGER Northern Europe & British Isles STEWART ISLAND Antarctica,Australia & New Zealand STOCKHOLM Northern Europe & British Isles STORNOWAY (Isle of Lewis) Northern Europe & British Isles STYKKISHOLMUR Arctic & Greenland SUAL (Hundred Islands) Asia SUEZ CANAL TRANSIT Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia,Mediterranean SUR Africa and Indian Ocean SURABAYA Australia & New Zealand SVALBARD NORTHERN REGION Arctic & Greenland SVALBARD SOUTHERN REGION Arctic & Greenland SYDNEY Asia,Australia & New Zealand,South Pacific Islands SYDNEY (Nova Scotia) Canada & New England,Transoceanic SYMI Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean SYROS Mediterranean Sakata Asia San Sebastian Northern Europe & British Isles Sawa-i-Lau Australia & New Zealand Semisaron Island Asia Sermilinnguaq Arctic & Greenland South of the Polar Circle Antarctica Sudureyri Arctic & Greenland