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RAB Mediterranean RABAUL South Pacific Islands RAFT POINT, Kimberley (Western Australia) Australia & New Zealand RAIATEA ISLAND Australia & New Zealand RANGIROA ISLAND Australia & New Zealand,South Pacific Islands RAPA AUSTRAL ISLANDS South Pacific Islands RAROTONGA ISLAND Australia & New Zealand,South Pacific Islands RECIFE South America REINE LOFOTEL ISLANDS Northern Europe & British Isles RESOLUTE (Nunavut) Arctic & Greenland RETHYMNON (Island Of Crete) Mediterranean REYKJAVIK Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic RHODES ISLAND Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean RICHARDS BAY Africa and Indian Ocean RIO DE JANEIRO South America,Transoceanic RIO GRANDE DO SUL South America ROAD TOWN Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America ROATAN ISLAND Caribbean & Central America,South America ROBINSON CRUSOE ISLAND Australia & New Zealand,South Pacific Islands ROMBLON ISLAND Asia ROME (Civitavecchia) Mediterranean ROME (Civitavecchia) Mediterranean ROSEAU Caribbean & Central America ROSS ISLAND (Andaman Islands) Asia ROUEN Northern Europe & British Isles ROVINJ Mediterranean RUDYERD BAY (Misty Fjords) Arctic & Greenland,Russian Far East Ras Al Khaimah Africa and Indian Ocean Reykjavik (Hafnarfjordur) Northern Europe & British Isles Rio Balaio South America Rio Cajari South America Rio Curua Una South America Rio Guajara South America Rodriguez Breeding Centre, San Cristóbal Galápagos Islands Rosendal Northern Europe & British Isles Runavík Northern Europe & British Isles