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The Andamans lie on the ancient trade routes between India and the Far East. They were known to mariners from as early as the 7th century. Among the first western visitors in the 13th century was Marco Polo, who wrote of the inhabitants as being “hostile people who would kill and eat any outsider that ventured onto the islands". However, it was later established that cannibalism was not a practice in the islands. View more

The islands were first settled by the British in the late 18th century when Captain Archibald Blair, on behalf of the British East India Company, founded a naval station on Chatham Island, now known as Port Blair. In 1858 a penal colony was established in Port Blair, used mainly to hold Indian freedom fighters. The clearing of jungle areas and reclaiming of swamps by these first convicts gradually helped to establish a settlement. The growing population consisted mostly of convicts who, after they served their time, decided to stay and settle in the Andamans. During World War II, the islands were occupied by the Japanese, who incarcerated many Indians on the suspicion of being British spies. As a result the local tribes took up guerrilla activities against the Japanese. When India gained independence from Britain in 1947, the islands became part of the Indian Union.

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Excursions in Port Blair

Port Blair - The Forbidden Land

This tour will offer an overview and a glimpse into the daily activities of the local populace. During visits to various sites you will learn of the peoples' efforts to tame the land and their struggles to achieve independence. The following highlights will be part of your tour:

Anthropological Museum

The displays of tools, clothing and photographs provide a glimpse into the way of life of the indigenous tribes.

Cellular Jail

Built by the British at the beginning of this century, the jail is today Port Blair's major attraction. It has been dedicated as a shrine to the freedom fighters that were held in this jail during India's struggle for independence. Though only three wings remain of the original six, it still gives a fair impression of the conditions under which the detainees were kept here.

Samudrika Museum

The exhibits in this museum include some 350 species of marine life and a variety of shells and coral found in the islands.

Aberdeen Bazaar

A stop will introduce you to locally fabricated craft items at the Aberdeen Bazaar, famous for wood carvings, shell products, palm mats and spices.

Sinclairs Bay View

Take some time to relax and enjoy a drink at a local resort before re-joining the coach for the drive back to the ship.

Please Note: This tour requires a moderate amount of walking with many stairs, some inclines and a distance of over one mile (1.8 km). This tour is not recommended to guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair. Transportation in this port is limited. Vehicles are not air-conditioned and do not have public address system. They are the best available in the city; they will not be of the same standard as vehicles found in the Western countries. Guides are not qualified guides, but students. At some sites, depending on traffic and parking conditions, it may be necessary to cross busy streets. Sites may also be crowded and guests need to exercise normal caution. Photo and video is prohibited at the Anthropological museum. There is a video camera fee of INR 200 per person at the Cellular Jail. There is an array of local handicrafts shops at Aberdeen Bazaar, where guests have leisure time to stroll - they should carry local currency for making any purchases The order of sights visited may vary.