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MACHALA Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America,South America MACQUARIE ISLAND Antarctica,Australia & New Zealand MADANG South Pacific Islands MAHANATOA, RAIVAVAE (Austral Islands) South America,South Pacific Islands MAIZURU Asia MALAGA (Costa del Sol) Caribbean & Central America,Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic MALLAIG Northern Europe & British Isles MAMOUDZOU Africa and Indian Ocean MANGAREVA (Gambier Islands) South America MANILA Asia MAPUTO Africa and Indian Ocean MARE ISLAND Australia & New Zealand MARIEHAMN (Åland) Northern Europe & British Isles MARKISON FJORD Arctic & Greenland MARMARIS Mediterranean MAROTIRI ISLAND South Pacific Islands MARSEILLE Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles MATAKUS ISLAND Asia MATARANI South America MAUG ISLANDS Asia,South Pacific Islands MAYREAU ISLAND Caribbean & Central America MEDVEZHIY ISLANDS Arctic & Greenland MELBOURNE Australia & New Zealand METLAKATLA (Alaska) Alaska,Russian Far East MEYNYPILGYNO (Chukotka) Russian Far East MILFORD (Haven Wales) Northern Europe & British Isles MIYAJIMA ISLAND Asia,South Pacific Islands MIYANOURA - YAKUSHIMA Asia MOJI Asia MOLDE (Romsdal) Northern Europe & British Isles MONEMVASIA (Laconia) Mediterranean MONTE CARLO Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles MONTE CARLO (Grand Prix) Mediterranean MONTEVIDEO South America MONTGOMERY REEF (Kimberley) Australia & New Zealand MONTREAL Canada & New England,Northern Europe & British Isles MONUMENTAL ISLAND Arctic & Greenland MORMUGAO (Goa) Africa and Indian Ocean MOTRIL (Granada) Mediterranean MUARA Asia MUMBAI Africa and Indian Ocean MURMANSK Arctic & Greenland MUSCAT Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean MYKONOS ISLAND Mediterranean Maria Island, Tasmania Australia & New Zealand Masan Asia Monrovia Africa and Indian Ocean