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L'ANSE AUX MEADOWS Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic LA CORUNA Northern Europe & British Isles LA SPEZIA Mediterranean LADY FRANKLIN ISLAND Arctic & Greenland LANGKAWI ARCHIPELAGO Africa and Indian Ocean LATRABJARG CLIFFS Arctic & Greenland LAUTOKA Australia & New Zealand,South Pacific Islands LEKNES (Vestvågøy) Northern Europe & British Isles LELEUVIA ISLAND South Pacific Islands LEMBAR LOMBOK Asia LERWICK, SHETLAND ISLANDS Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles LES SAINTES Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America LEVUKA OVALAU South Pacific Islands LIMA (Callao) American West Coast,Australia & New Zealand,Caribbean & Central America,South America LIMASSOL Mediterranean LIPARI ISLAND Mediterranean LISBON Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic LITTLE BAY (Monserrat) Caribbean & Central America LIVERPOOL Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic LIVORNO (Tuscany) Mediterranean,Transoceanic LIZARD ISLAND Australia & New Zealand LONDON (Tower Bridge) Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles LONGYEARBYEN Arctic & Greenland LOWER SAVAGE ISLANDS Arctic & Greenland LUGANVILLE (Espiritu Santo) Australia & New Zealand LUNGA Northern Europe & British Isles LYTTELTON (Christchurch) Australia & New Zealand La Estaca, El Hierro Mediterranean Lamotrek, Yap South Pacific Islands Lenakel, Tanna Island Australia & New Zealand Lindisfarne Island Northern Europe & British Isles Lock Scavaig, Island of Skye, Scotland Northern Europe & British Isles