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KAGOSHIMA (Kyushu Island) Asia KAIKOURA Australia & New Zealand KALABAHI (for Takpala) Asia KANAZAWA Asia,Transoceanic KANGAAMIUT (Qeqqata) Arctic & Greenland KANGAROO ISLAND Australia & New Zealand KANGERLUSSUAQ Arctic & Greenland KAOHSIUNG Asia,Australia & New Zealand KAPINGAMARANGI South Pacific Islands KARIMUNJAWA (Java Sea) Australia & New Zealand KEELUNG Asia,Australia & New Zealand KETCHIKAN (Alaska) Alaska,Transoceanic KEY WEST (Florida) Caribbean & Central America,South America KHASAB Africa and Indian Ocean KICKER ROCK Galápagos Islands KILLYBEGS Northern Europe & British Isles KILRONAN (Aaran Islands) Northern Europe & British Isles KING GEORGE RIVER (Kimberley, Western Australia) Asia KINGSTOWN (St. Vincent) Caribbean & Central America KIRKWALL (Orkney) Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles KLAKKEYJAR ISLANDS Arctic & Greenland KNIGHTSTOWN (Valentia Island) Northern Europe & British Isles KOBE Asia,Transoceanic KODIAK ISLAND (Alaska) Alaska,Transoceanic KOMODO ISLAND Asia,Australia & New Zealand KONG KAMPOT Asia KOOMALA BAY, Kimberley (Western Australia) Australia & New Zealand KORCULA Mediterranean KOTOR Mediterranean KRALENDIJK (Bonaire) Caribbean & Central America KUALA LUMPUR (Port Klang) Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia KUPANG Asia KURA KURA (Karimunjawa) Asia,South Pacific Islands KUSADASI Mediterranean KUSHIRO (Hokkaido) Transoceanic King George Island Antarctica Ko Kut Asia,Australia & New Zealand Kristiansand Northern Europe & British Isles Kwatisore, Cenderawasih Bay South Pacific Islands