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CABO SAN LUCAS (Bahia California Sur) Caribbean & Central America CADIZ Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic CAGLIARI (Sardinia) Mediterranean CAIRNS Asia,Australia & New Zealand,South Pacific Islands CALETA TAGUS (Isabela) Galápagos Islands CALVI (Corsica) Mediterranean CAMARONES South America CAMBRIDGE BAY (Nunavut) Arctic & Greenland CAMPBELL ISLAND Antarctica CANARY ISLANDS (Las Palmas) Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic CANNES Mediterranean CAPE COD (Canal Transit, Massachusetts) Canada & New England,Transoceanic CAPE DEZHNEV Arctic & Greenland CAPE DORSET (Dorset Island) Arctic & Greenland CAPE FLORENS (Wrangel Island) Arctic & Greenland CAPE KUYVEVEEM Russian Far East CAPE NAVARIN Russian Far East CAPE ST.ELIAS (Kayak Island, Alaska) Alaska CAPE TEGETTHOF (Hall Island) Arctic & Greenland CAPE TOWN Africa and Indian Ocean,Antarctica,South America,Transoceanic CAPE WARING (Wrangel Island) Arctic & Greenland CAPE YORK Arctic & Greenland CAPE ZHELANIYA (Novo Zemlya) Arctic & Greenland CARDIFF Northern Europe & British Isles CARTAGENA South America CASABLANCA Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic CASTLE BAY (Alaska) Russian Far East CASTRIES (St. Lucia) Caribbean & Central America,South America CASTRO Antarctica,South America CAYMAN BRAC (Cayman Islands) Caribbean & Central America CELUKAN BAWANG (Bali) Australia & New Zealand CERRO DRAGON (Santa Cruz) Galápagos Islands CHAMP ISLAND Arctic & Greenland CHAMPAGNE BEACH South Pacific Islands CHAN MAY (HUE/DANANG) Asia,Australia & New Zealand CHANIA (Crete) Mediterranean CHARLESTON (South Carolina) Canada & New England CHARLESTOWN (Nevis) Caribbean & Central America CHARLOTTETOWN (Prince Edward Island) Canada & New England CHICHIJIMA Asia CHIGNIK (Alaska) Russian Far East CHIOS Mediterranean CHIRPOY ISLAND Russian Far East CHISWELL ISLANDS (Alaska) Russian Far East CHURCHILL (Manitoba) Arctic & Greenland CHUUK LAGOON South Pacific Islands CINQUETERRE (Portovenere) Mediterranean CLARE ISLAND Northern Europe & British Isles CLIFFS OF MOHER Northern Europe & British Isles COBIA South Pacific Islands COCHIN Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia COLLEGE FJORD (Alaska) Alaska COLOMBO Africa and Indian Ocean,Asia COLON Caribbean & Central America,South America COLONIA (Yap) South Pacific Islands CONSTANTA Mediterranean COPENHAGEN Northern Europe & British Isles COQUIMBO South America CORFU Mediterranean CORK Transoceanic CORNER BROOK (Newfoundland) Transoceanic CORON (Palawan) Asia,Australia & New Zealand COSTA MAYA QUITANA ROO Caribbean & Central America COTONOU Africa and Indian Ocean COZUMEL QUINTANA ROO Caribbean & Central America,South America CRUISE & EXPLORE BEAR ISLAND (Svalbard) Arctic & Greenland CRUISE ALONG HORNBJARG CLIFFS Arctic & Greenland CRUISE AMUNDSEN TROUGH Arctic & Greenland CRUISE CHILEAN FJORDS Antarctica,South America CRUISE DEASE STRAIT Arctic & Greenland CRUISE ENGLISH NARROWS Antarctica,South America CRUISE HUBBARD GLACIER (Alaska) Alaska CRUISE INSIDE PASSAGE Alaska,Transoceanic CRUISE NORDFJORD Northern Europe & British Isles CRUISE PEEL SOUND (Nunavut) Arctic & Greenland CRUISE POINT ADOLPHUS ALASKA Alaska CRUISE PRINCE CHRISTIAN SOUND Arctic & Greenland,Transoceanic CRUISE SAGUENAY RIVER (Quebec) Canada & New England CRUISE SURTSEY Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles CRUISING ALONG NORTH CAPE Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles CRUISING CHILEAN FJORDS South America CRUISING DOUBTFUL SOUND Australia & New Zealand CRUISING DUSKY SOUND Antarctica,Australia & New Zealand CRUISING MILFORD SOUND Antarctica,Australia & New Zealand CRUISING PIO XI GLACIER South America Capricornia Cays National Park Australia & New Zealand Cartagena Mediterranean Clarence Town, Long Island Caribbean & Central America Collioures Mediterranean Crozet Islands Africa and Indian Ocean Cruise Beaufort Sea Arctic & Greenland Cruise Hardangerfjord Northern Europe & British Isles Cruise Hubbard Glacier, Alaska Alaska Cruise Lysefjord Northern Europe & British Isles Cruise the Bosporus Mediterranean