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BADDECK Arctic & Greenland BAHIA DARWIN (Genovesa) Galápagos Islands BAHIA ELIZABETH (Isabela) Galápagos Islands BAHIA SOLANO (Choco) Caribbean & Central America BALI Asia,Australia & New Zealand BALTRA Galápagos Islands BANDOL Mediterranean BANGKOK (Laem Chabang) Asia BAR HARBOR MAINE Canada & New England,Northern Europe & British Isles BARCELONA Caribbean & Central America,Mediterranean,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic BARI Mediterranean BARROW (Alaska) Arctic & Greenland BARTOLOME Galápagos Islands BAU-BAU Asia BAY OF ISLANDS Australia & New Zealand BEECHEY ISLAND Arctic & Greenland BEHM CANAL (Alaska) Alaska BELFAST Northern Europe & British Isles BELITUNG ISLANDS Asia BELIZE CITY Caribbean & Central America,South America BELL ISLAND Arctic & Greenland BELLE ILE Northern Europe & British Isles BEPPU (Kyushu Island) Asia BEQUIA ISLAND Caribbean & Central America BERGEN Northern Europe & British Isles BEVERIDGE REEF South Pacific Islands BILBAO Northern Europe & British Isles BIMINI Caribbean & Central America BLEAKER ISLAND (Falklands) Antarctica,South America BLUFF Australia & New Zealand BOCAS DEL TORO Canada & New England,Caribbean & Central America BOGOSLAV ISLAND Russian Far East BOM BOM ISLAND Africa and Indian Ocean BONAVENTURE ISLAND Arctic & Greenland,Canada & New England BORA BORA (Society Islands) South America,South Pacific Islands BORACAY (Malay) Asia BORDEAUX Northern Europe & British Isles BORDEAUX (Le Verdon) Northern Europe & British Isles BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Canada & New England,Northern Europe & British Isles,Transoceanic BOWDOIN FJORD Arctic & Greenland BRIDGETOWN Caribbean & Central America,South America BRINDISI Mediterranean BRISBANE Asia,Australia & New Zealand BRONNOYSUND Northern Europe & British Isles BROOME (Kimberley) Australia & New Zealand BUCCANEER ARCHIPELAGO REGION Australia & New Zealand BUENOS AIRES Antarctica,South America BURNIE Australia & New Zealand BUSAN Asia Bantry Northern Europe & British Isles Bigge Island Australia & New Zealand Busselton Australia & New Zealand