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Aalborg Northern Europe & British Isles Aappilattoq Arctic & Greenland Aarhus Northern Europe & British Isles Aberdeen Africa and Indian Ocean Aberdeen Northern Europe & British Isles Abidjan Africa and Indian Ocean Abu Dhabi Africa and Indian Ocean Aburatsu Asia Ad Dakhla Africa and Indian Ocean Adamstown, Pitcairn Island South Pacific Islands Adelaide Australia & New Zealand Agats (Asmat Expedition) Asia Aghiyuk Island, Semedi Islands Russian Far East Aiduma Island Asia,Australia & New Zealand Ainsworth Bay South America Airlie Beach Australia & New Zealand Aitutaki South Pacific Islands Ajaccio, Corsica Mediterranean Akaroa Australia & New Zealand Akhmatov Gulf, Severnia Zemlia Arctic & Greenland Akpatok Island Arctic & Greenland,Canada & New England Akureyri Arctic & Greenland,Northern Europe & British Isles Al Manamah Africa and Indian Ocean Albany Australia & New Zealand Alberto De Agostini National Park South America Aldabra Africa and Indian Ocean Alert Bay, British Columbia Alaska Alexander Selkirk Island South America Alghero, Sardinia Mediterranean Alofi South Pacific Islands Alotau Australia & New Zealand Alphonse Island Africa and Indian Ocean Alter do Chão Caribbean & Central America Amalfi Mediterranean Ambodifotatra Africa and Indian Ocean Ambohitralanana Africa and Indian Ocean Ambrym Island South Pacific Islands Ampangorinana, Nosy Komba Africa and Indian Ocean Amsterdam Northern Europe & British Isles Anadyr Alaska Anak Krakatoa Asia Anano Island Asia Anastasiya Bay Alaska,Russian Far East Andavadoaka Africa and Indian Ocean Anelghowhat, Aneityum Island South Pacific Islands Anguilla Caribbean & Central America Aniwa Island South Pacific Islands Antarctic Peninsula Antarctica,South America Antarctic Sound Antarctica,South America Antarctica South Shetland Islands Antarctica,South America Antibes Mediterranean Antisiranana Africa and Indian Ocean Antofagasta South America Antwerp Northern Europe & British Isles Aomori Alaska,Asia Apra Asia,South Pacific Islands Aqaba (Petra) Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean Arendal Northern Europe & British Isles Argostoli (Cephalonia) Mediterranean Arica South America Aride Island Africa and Indian Ocean Ashdod (Jerusalem) Africa and Indian Ocean,Mediterranean Assumption Africa and Indian Ocean Atlasova Island Russian Far East Attu Island Russian Far East Auckland Australia & New Zealand Auri Islands, Cendrawashi Bay Australia & New Zealand Avera Bay, Rurutu, Austral Islands South Pacific Islands Ayon Island Alaska,Arctic & Greenland