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Ira Feldman, Destination Consultant

Ira Feldman, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, has had a long and varied career where he combined his interests in law, lecturing, traveling, maritime history and photography. He has recently retired from a long and fulfilling practice of law, spending many years as a partner in a large law firm and later being professor and the director of a family law clinic at the Chicago-Kent College of Law.

During this time, Ira also enjoyed traveling around the world as a Destination Consultant and lecturer with several major cruise lines where he presented information on the various ports of call as well as presenting a series of enrichment lectures on travel photography.

Having studied photography with the Art Institute of Chicago, the Nikon School and with National Geographic, Ira has developed a series of lectures coupled with escorted shore excursions with the goal of bringing home those perfect travel photographs.

Ira has published five books on travel photography and exhibited his photographs at the Cultural Center of Chicago, The Harris Bank Trust, Frosch Travel, The Elephant Room, Gallery 37, the Bon Ami Gallery in Soho and, of course, Silversea Cruises. In 2012, He was elected a fellow in the Chicago Photography Collective.

Early on in his professional career, Ira joined the United States Coast Guard, where he taught navigation and maritime history to Coast Guard and Naval cadets. As a result of his Coast Guard experience, he was able to qualify to become a licensed captain and ship’s master with the United States Merchant Marine.

Of course, his greatest passion in life is his wife, Christine, who often travels with him, his two children and two grandchildren.

 Ira Feldman is scheduled to sail on the following voyages (subject to change):






Silver Privilege Fares

Jun 10 2014 10 5417 Silver Spirit Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy to Istanbul, Turkey $4,950
Jun 20 2014 7 5418 Silver Spirit Istanbul, Turkey to Piraeus (Athens), Greece $4,250
Jun 27 2014 7 5419 Silver Spirit Piraeus (Athens), Greece to Venice, Italy $3,550
Jul 04 2014 7 5420 Silver Spirit Venice, Italy to Venice, Italy $3,550
Jul 11 2014 10 5421 Silver Spirit Venice, Italy to Istanbul, Turkey $5,550
Jul 21 2014 7 5422 Silver Spirit Istanbul, Turkey to Istanbul, Turkey $3,550
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