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Sylt is an island in Northern Germany, part of the Nordfriesland District, Schleswig-Holstein, and well known for the distinct shape of its shoreline. For decades, German nobility and trendsetters have been heading to Sylt (pronounced “zult”), a remote and revivifying North Sea island that lays claim to one of the longest unbroken stretches of immaculate sandy beach in all of Europe. Sylt is really a giant sandbar, with an almost cloyingly pretty landscape—in late spring, the flat, 25-mile (40 km) stretch of land, often less than a mile wide 1. View more

6 km), is dotted with patches of bright-yellow flowering rape punctuated by candy-cane-striped lighthouses and the odd surviving thatched Frisian cottage. The island belongs to the North Frisian Islands. Sylt was once part of the mainland, and is still shrinking owing to erosion by the North Sea. The return of sand that has been washed away from the beaches costs several million euros every year and is only of limited effect. Over the next decades significant loss of land is expected. The island has 21,000 inhabitants. Tourism is by far the largest source of income with July and August being more or less sold out every single year. Sylt offers breathtaking landscapes filled with dunes, beaches, and cliffs along with tiny villages and high class shopping opportunities. Keitum – probably the most beautiful Frisian Village is the island’s secret gem with lovely thatched cottages in the midst of romantic gardens and the middle-aged Severin Church. Westerland – the “capital” of the island is famous for its posh shopping mile along the beach promenade. The admirable red cliff can best be seen from the view point in Kampen, another Frisian Village with great shopping opportunities. Cafés and restaurants are found all over the island even on the very south edge, such as the Sansibar, hidden in the dunes. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to call in the town of List. Guests will be brought ashore by tender boats. The tender procedure may be affected by the tides and very strong wind. Shopping In Kampen, approximately a 10 minute drive from List, you find designer shops. The main shopping centre is located in Westerland, approximately a 20 minute transfer from List. Strandstrasse and Friedrichstrasse are the main shopping streets on the island, with several shops and little shopping galleries, cafés and restaurants. Keitum, Germany’s most beautiful Frisian Village, is very well know for exclusive boutiques, craft shops and antique shops. Souvenirs are also available in the pier area. The local currency is the euro. Cuisine Hearty German meals, fresh seafood and sausages are served in a wide range of eateries from snack bars to restaurants. Cafés offer delicious cakes and pastry as well as light snacks. The island’s best fish can be found at the Gosch Restaurant. Other Sites The beaches are of great attraction to all. Please note that it is customary for local beachgoers to swim and suntan without bathing suits. Nudity on the beach should be expected. Kampen Kampen impresses with its great varieties and is definitely always worth a visit. Sights include Red Kliff (view point), shopping mile, Whiskeymile (restaurant and café mile), lighthouse or Kampen’s symbol, the Vogelkoje built in 1757. Westerland Westerland is one of the youngest villages on the island. It is known for its Beach Promenade, St. Niels Church (built in 1635), historical centre of Westerland, the shopping and adventure aquarium. List The famous dune is the “shifting sand dune” which “walks” 10-32 feet (3-10 metres) every year. Another attraction is the Elbow, the area where you can walk around the tip of the island. Keitum Germany’s most beautiful Frisian Village. Keitum is the island’s secret gem and always worth a visit on foot. There are beautifully thatched cottages in the midst of romantic cottage gardens, which are confined by Frisian dwelling mounds. Keitum is also well known for exclusive boutiques, craft shops and antique shops. A must are the restaurants and cafés, which are renowned far beyond Sylt. Nearby, the Severin Church awaits your visit. Morsum In this scattered village Sylt shows its most unspoiled side. The heath vegetation and the impressive Morsum Cliff, which is of breathtaking beauty, are two good reasons to spend your time in Morsum, where the Frisian language is still maintained and where traditions are kept alive. Private Arrangements For those guests interested in touring at their leisure, we are pleased to offer a private vehicle with an English-speaking guide. You may book this in advance at or it may be purchased on board, subject to availability. Other Private Arrangements for independent sightseeing may be requested through the Tour Office on board.

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