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Shimonoseki, located at the extreme tip of Honshu, is separated by a narrow strait from the island of Kyushu. Its historic naval battles, both factual and legendary, are celebrated with annual festivals. Today, Shimonoseki is hotly pursuing its goal of becoming an international convention city. In 1996, the Kaikyo Messe, a large convention center with high-tech facilities, was opened. This complex, comprised of a 500-foot-high observation tower, an exhibition hall and an international conference facility, is the perfect venue to attract the desired international attention. View more

Shimonoseki’s future may be on the rise, but the city’s inhabitants cherish their heritage, which is apparent in the many shogun-era buildings. In addition to its architectural attractions, Shimonoseki is well known in Japan as the capital of fugu, the delicate, delicious, and dangerous blowfish cuisine that is a big attraction with visitors from around the world. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at Shimonoseki Arcaport Wharf, about 1.5 miles from the town center, a 5-minute taxi ride, or 10 minutes by bus. Shopping The shopping area is near the train station and includes two malls - Green Mall and Sea Mall. Among the regional specialties to look for is Hagi yaki pottery, noted for its fine glazes and delicate pastel colors. Connoisseurs of Japanese pottery rank Hagi yaki second only to Kyoto’s raku-yaki.The local currency is the yen. Cuisine Shimonoseki’s specialty dishes are fun to read about but probably not of much culinary interest to Westerners. Its most famous dish is fugu or blowfish. Although the local chefs are very skilled, many consider this a gourmet game of Russian roulette - in its natural state this delicacy is highly toxic, and careful preparation is essential. Other specialties include whale served in various ways, and ice goby, a tiny fish prepared in stock flavored with vinegar and soy sauce and swallowed live, in a famous dish known as odorigui, or “dancing eats.” Other Sites Shimonoseki City Art Museum Hino Exhibits feature contemporary Japanese artists. Karato Ichiba (fish market) People-watching at the fish market can be quite an enjoyable pastime. Private arrangements are not encouraged in this port due to the lack of English-speaking guides.

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The romance of the seas, small ship sizes and intimate atmosphere, Silversea has long been a leader in the ultra-luxury market. Travelling to both iconic and secluded ports, Silversea’s award-winning itineraries inspire wanderlust and exploration. With over 900 destinations, longer port stays and more late-night departures than ever before, even the savviest traveler will find something new. A butler for every suite, a complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences, all-inclusive exquisite dining, award-winning onboard entertainment and an unparalleled space to guest ratio all contribute to the Silversea experience. Not forgetting our famed Italian hospitality, where new faces become old friends. Bienvenuti a bordo.

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