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Salvador de Bahia

According to Salvador's adopted son Jorge Amado, "In Salvador, magic becomes part of the every-day." From the shimmering golden light of sunset over the Baía do Todos os Santos, to the rhythmic beats that race along the streets, Salvador, while no longer Brazil's capital, remains one of its most captivating cities. A large dose of its exoticism comes down to its African heritage—at least 70% of its 2,675,000 population is classified as Afro-Brazilian—and how it has blended into Brazil's different strands, from the native Indians to the Christian colonizers. View more

Salvadorans may tell you that you can visit a different church every day of the year, which is almost true—the city has about 300. Churches whose interiors are covered with gold leaf were financed by the riches of the Portuguese colonial era, when slaves masked their traditional religious beliefs under a thin Catholic veneer. And partly thanks to modern-day acceptance of those beliefs, Salvador has become the fount of Candomblé, a religion based on personal dialogue with the orixás, a family of African deities closely linked to nature and the Catholic saints. The influence of Salvador's African heritage on Brazilian music has also turned the city into one of the musical capitals of Brazil, resulting in a myriad of venues to enjoy live music across the city, along with international acclaim for exponents like Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Daniela Mercury. Salvador's economy today is focused on telecommunications and tourism. The still-prevalent African culture draws many tourists—this is the best place in Brazil to hear African music, learn or watch African dance, and see capoeira, a martial art developed by slaves. In the district of Pelourinho, many colorful 18th- and 19th-century houses remain, part of the reason why this is the center of the tourist trade. Salvador sprawls across a peninsula surrounded by the Baía de Todos os Santos on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The city has about 50 km (31 miles) of coastline. The original city, referred to as the Centro Histórica (Historical Center), is divided into the Cidade Alta (Upper City), also called Pelourinho, and Cidade Baixa (Lower City). The Cidade Baixa is a commercial area—known as Comércio—that runs along the port and is the site of Salvador's indoor market, Mercado Modelo. You can move between the upper and lower cities on foot, via the landmark Elevador Lacerda, behind the market, or on the Plano Inclinado, a funicular lift, which connects Rua Guindaste dos Padres on Comércio with the alley behind Cathedral Basílica. From the Cidade Histórica you can travel north along the bay to the hilltop Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. You can also head south to the point, guarded by the Forte Santo Antônio da Barra, where the bay waters meet those of the Atlantic. This area on Salvador's southern tip is home to the trendy neighborhoods of Barra, Ondina, and Rio Vermelho, with many museums, theaters, shops, and restaurants. Beaches along the Atlantic coast and north of Forte Santo Antônio da Barra are among the city's cleanest. Many are illuminated at night and have bars and restaurants that stay open late.

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Excursions depuis Salvador de Bahia

Praia do Forte & Tamar Project

Explore the splendid natural beauty, ecology and history of Praia do Forte during this picturesque, full-day sightseeing excursion. To the north of Salvador, there is an idyllic place for lovers of Brazil eco-tourism, which is beautiful with stunning scenery and full of biodiversity of the surrounding area.

Scenic Drive to Praia do Forte

Depart the pier for the approximately 75-minute drive north along the scenic Coconut Highway en route to Praia do Forte, a fishing village approximately 50 miles (about 80 kilometres) north of Salvador, and home to some of the best beaches in Bahia.

Garcia D´Ávila Castle

Continuing north, the appearance of the distinctive white sands of the sparse restinga vegetation signals the approach to Praia do Forte. Upon arrival, visit the ruins of the imposing Garcia D´Ávila Castle, which dates from 1556. Once the home of the largest landowner in the New World, the castle was situated on the lands of what was the first farm in Brazil. From here, take in splendid panoramic views of the northern coastline.

Praia do Forte, Tamar Project and Beach

Next, re-board your coach and proceed to the village of Praia do Forte for a Brazilian seafood lunch at the Sabor da Vila restaurant. After lunch, visit the headquarters of the Tamar Project, the national sea turtle preservation project and one of Brazil's most successful ecological programs. The Visitors' Centre provides a unique, close-up view of these majestic animals. Afterward, some time is made available to relax on the beach or browse the many local handicraft stores. At the conclusion of your visit, re-board your coach and commence the approximately two-hour drive back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking, with a few steps to negotiate to get on/off the coach. This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility and guests who utilise a wheelchair. Lightweight, comfortable clothing, flat, closed-toe walking shoes and sun protection are recommended. The tour sequence may vary. Space on this tour is very limited; we suggest you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Bahian Cooking Class

Discover the secrets behind preparing Bahian cuisine during this informative, half-day cooking excursion with lunch. The history of the cuisine begins with the landing of slaves from Africa that the Portuguese brought to work and exploit the land. While the Indians used foods such as cassava, maize, African slaves brought in the addition of spices, bananas, peanuts, and the famous oil dendê or Palm oil.

Ceasa Market

Depart the pier for the scenic, approximately 30-minute drive to the Ceasa Market. Your chef greets your arrival, and escorts you on a tour of the market. Along the way, learn about the unique blend of Brazilian, Mediterranean, Asian and African ingredients, seasonings and flavours that comprise the distinctive Bahian cuisine. Leaving the market, re-board your coach and proceed to the cooking class venue.

Cooking Class

During your cooking class, learn to prepare 'moqueca'. The signature dish of Bahian cuisine, 'moqueca' is a seafood dish prepared in an earthenware, wok-like dish and brought to the table directly from the stove.

Following your cooking class, relax with a lunch consisting of the 'moqueca' your chef has prepared. Dessert is also served, and prepared with imported seasonings such as clove and cinnamon from Asia.

After lunch, re-board your coach and commence the approximately 30-minute drive back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking for approximately 1 hour, with a few steps to negotiate to get on/off the coach, and at the market and cooking class venue over sometimes unpaved and cobblestone surfaces. This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility and guests who utilise a wheelchair. Lightweight, comfortable clothing, flat, closed-toe walking shoes and sun protection are recommended. Space on this tour is extremely limited; we suggest you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Percussion Workshop

Discover why Bahia is the percussive heart of Brazil during this fun-filled, half-day excursion to a percussion workshop.

Salvador da Bahia

Depart the pier for the short drive to the music studio. Bahia is the percussive heart of Brazil. Its rhythmic soul is African, with a mind-boggling myriad of rhythms that has attracted Paul Simon, Michael Jackson and many other international musicians to these shores. Intrinsically Brazilian musical formats, including samba, bossa nova and axé, have their origins here. As proof of its musicality, Salvador is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the music category, one of just 16 in the world.

Percussion Workshop

Upon arrival at the music studio, investigate and contextualize varied aspects of the percussive jungle that is Bahia. Under the expert guidance of local professional percussionists, focus on the more important and accessible rhythms in a workshop that is instructive, interactive, engaging and fun. This is a great option for families, and is as hands-on as you want it to be or feel comfortable with.

Percussion Instruments

During your percussion workshop, try your their hand at various instruments such as the rhum, rhumbi and lê drums of the candomblé; surdo, caixa, timbau and repique drums of the samba-reggae; and hand-percussion instruments that include the agogo, reco-reco, caxixi and formidable berimbau, the integral instrument of the Capoeira. At the conclusion of your visit, re-board your coach and commence the approximately 40-minute drive back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves a minimal amount of walking, at times over uneven surfaces, with a few steps to negotiate to get on/off the coach and 25 uneven steps at the venue. This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility and guests who utilise a wheelchair. Lightweight, comfortable clothing with flat, closed-toe walking shoes and sun protection are recommended.

Bahia Through the Eyes of Leading Local Artists

Explore the memorials to some of the most talented and artistic Bahian luminaries during this scenic, full-day sightseeing excursion.

Fort Santa Maria

Depart the pier for the scenic, approximately 30-minute drive to Barra. Upon arrival at Porto da Barra Beach, take a guided walking tour of Fort Santa Maria. This fort is home to a permanent interactive digital exhibition highlighting the iconic photographs of Pierre Verger. This French ethnologist was deeply inspired and trusted by Candomblé religious leaders, allowing him unparalleled access to sacred rituals. Like his two friends Jorge Amado and Carybé, Verger documented daily life in Salvador, its markets and street scenes; his iconic black and white photos are a testament to the city's cultural wealth. This cultural space also exhibits works by other leading local photographers.

Fort São Diogo

Next, walk to the adjacent, 17th-century Fort São Diogo, which houses an interactive audio-visual exhibition of the works of Carybé. This master sculptor and painter used a wide array of materials and techniques, including engravings, sculptures, watercolours, oil, and acrylic canvases. Each evening, the works of Carybé and Verger are projected on the façades of their respective museums at 18:30 p.m. and 19:00 p.m. on the days they are open to the public.

Rio Vermelho and Casa de Vermelho and Lunch

Leaving Fort São Diogo, re-board your coach and head to Rio Vermelho for a guided tour of Casa de Vermelho, the legendary home of novelist Jorge Amado, now converted into an emotive museum of his life and work. Here, Amado received many of the world's literary luminaries as his guests. Following your visit, re-board your coach and proceed for a set-menu, family-style lunch at the Casa de Tereza restaurant. After lunch, re-board your coach and commence the approximately 45-minute drive back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking for approximately 656 yards (about 600 metres), at times over uneven and cobblestone surfaces and inclines, with a few steps to negotiate to get on/off the coach, and stairs at the museum and restaurant; ramps and elevators are provided. This tour is suitable for guests with limited mobility, but is not wheelchair-accessible. Lightweight, comfortable clothing with flat, closed-toe walking shoes and sun protection are recommended. Forts Santa Maria and São Diogo are closed on Tuesday. Casa de Vermelho is closed on Mondays.

Upper City Walking Tour

Experience some of the the many faces of Salvador de Bahia during this sightseeing walking tour of this historic city. Travel through time as you tour the historical neighborhoods of Salvador, and view the Baroque architecture, while learning the history of Brazil over the past 500 years.

Salvador de Bahia

Depart the pier via coach for the approximately 30-minute scenic drive to to Farol da Barra, one of the city's most famous landmarks at the entrance to the All Saints Bay.

After a short photo, enjoy the drive through the residential suburbs of Barra, Vitoria and Campo Grande to the Municipal Square, gateway to Salvador's historical quarter, the famed Pelourinho.

Stroll to the São Francisco church whose opulent interior features cedar woodcarvings covered in gold leaf, the finest example of Baroque church interiors in Latin America.

Continue through the historical quarter through narrow cobbled streets lined with colonial town houses painted in pastel shades to the Largo do Pelourinho, the heart of the old town.

Afterwards, return on foot to the motor coach for the drive back to the pier.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking, with a total of approximately 1.5-hours of walking/standing. You will encounter cobblestones as well as some steps throughout the walk. This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility, or for guests who utilise a wheelchair. We recommend wearing lightweight clothing, sturdy walking shoes and sun protection as the climate is usually hot and humid. Minimum age to participate is 5 years of age.

Salvador City Sights

Be provided an overview of the city beyond the Historical Centre, focusing on residential coastal suburbs and the sprawling lower city, as well as learning insights into historical and socio-cultural aspects of this intriguing city. You will visit one the city´s most popular markets, enjoy a delicious tropical fruit ice cream and visit Brazil´s most revered Catholic Church of pilgrimage.

Programmes d’excursions à terre depuis Salvador de Bahia

Mid-Voyage Land Adventure: Iguassu Falls Adventure

The state of Paraná is home to one of Brazil's most unforgettable sights, the Iguassu Falls. Divided between Brazil and Argentina, both countries have created national parks on their side of the falls and views from both are spectacular and different. In addition to a magical landscape, the dense forest surrounding the falls is inhabited by over 400 different species of birds. The falls are fed from some 30 rivers that rush toward the 200-foot precipice where it culminates with a roaring, earth-shaking noise as the water plunges down in a great, mist-laden torrent. This is truly a wonder of nature and one of the most unique sights in the world. This overland adventure includes visits to both sides of the Iguassu Falls.

03MIDSSA-F Iguassu Falls Adventure  

3 Days / 3 Nights         

Depart:  Salvador de Bahia                

Return: Rio de Janeiro              

Reserve: A minimum of 90 days prior to sailing

This Mid-Voyage Land Adventure requires advance booking through Silversea Reservations no later than 90 days prior to the sail date.  Requests received after this date may be accommodated on a space-available basis and the programme price is subject to change. Payment in full is due within 120 days prior to sailing. This programme is non-refundable if cancelled within 90 days of sailing.  A minimum number of participants is required to operate this programme.  

Important: Guests must obtain their own visa for Argentina prior to joining the cruise.

Visit one of the great natural wonders of the world, Iguassu Falls, located in between Brazil's Paraná state and Argentina. Whether referred to by its Portuguese spelling (Iguaçu or Iguassu) or the Spanish (Iguazú), both countries have declared their side of the falls a national park, and views from either side are spectacular and different. The whole area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to a magical landscape, the dense forest surrounding the falls is inhabited by over 400 different species of birds. The awesome cataracts are fed from some 30 rivers which climax in an extraordinary spectacle when some 300 separate 'falls' form a horseshoe and thunder over a 2.5-mile (4 km)-wide precipice in a great, mist-laden torrent. Higher and wider as Niagara, Iguassu never fails to present visitors with unforgettable memories. This three-night trip to Iguassu allows for an adventure of a special kind. Optionally, a helicopter flight over the falls promises to provide an additional breath-taking experience.

DAY ONE - Salvador/Iguassu

Depart the ship and transfer to Salvador's airport for a scheduled flight to Foz do Iguassu with a stopover at Rio's airport (the transit area features a snack bar where sandwiches and beverages may be purchased during the two-hour layover). Upon arrival at the Iguassu airport, you are met and transferred to the deluxe Das Cataratas Hotel for check-in. The hotel enjoys a unique location inside the Iguassu National Park, only a few steps from the falls. There is a pool in the beautiful gardens and rooms are air conditioned. This evening enjoy dinner in your own room (room service will be provided).

Overnight accommodation at Das Cataratas Hotel - Iguassu National Park.

DAY TWO - Iguassu Falls & Macuco Safari

After breakfast, begin with a walking tour of the falls' Brazilian side. The main trail, approximately 1,744 yards (1,600 metres) in length, leads to the base of the biggest waterfall. Here a catwalk extends out over the brink of a series of falls, providing a good general view of the falls. The catwalk takes you close to Devil's Throat where you can observe the full force of this gigantic fall as its waters crash down with earth-shaking noise. Rising mist often culminates in brilliant rainbows. Your walk ends at a tower with an elevator to the top, from where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view and great photo opportunities.

Next, proceed to Porto Canoas restaurant for lunch. There is time after lunch to freshen up before departing on your Macuco Safari Wagon ride. A brief drive brings you to the Macuco Safari entrance gates, where an open, jeep-towed wagon takes you along a two-mile (three-kilometre) jungle trail with unobstructed views of the scenery. A local guide will point out examples of the park's flora and fauna.

At the end of the Macuco Safari Wagon ride, transfer back to the hotel, where a buffet dinner is served this evening.

Overnight accommodation at Das Cataratas Hotel - Iguassu National Park.

DAY THREE - Argentinean Falls & Bird Park  

Following breakfast, depart the hotel and drive toward the Argentinean side of the falls.  En route, there is a Customs' check at the Tancredo Neves Bridge which crosses the Iguassu River and marks the border between Brazil and Argentina. Continue along a scenic highway into the Argentine Iguazú National Park and make your first stop at the Visitors' Centre. Then proceed on foot along the Superior Circuit to the up-river cascades and board the Ecological Jungle Train to the most impressive observation point of the falls - the Devil's Throat. Here the Iguazú River crashes down almost 262 feet (80 metres), creating an awesome spectacle.  

End your morning tour of the falls at L'Aqva Restaurant for a buffet lunch. The restaurant is located inside the Iguazú National Park, built and designed to harmonise with the surrounding subtropical jungle environment.

Leaving the Iguazú National Park, head back toward the Brazilian National Park. Stop en route for a visit to the Bird Park, a world-class aviary amidst second-growth subtropical forest. A walking tour along catwalks leads through native vegetation and to several life-size aviaries, enriched with cascades and bridges. The park keeps over 900 birds from 150 species which can be observed without the interference of netting or screens. Some of the birds have been rehabilitated and cannot be returned to nature.

Following your visit (approximately one hour), continue with the drive to the hotel. There is time to relax before a buffet-style dinner is served.  

Overnight accommodation at Das Cataratas Hotel - Iguassu National Park.

DAY FOUR - Iguassu/Rio de Janeiro  

After breakfast and checkout, transfer to Foz do Iguassu airport for an afternoon flight to Rio de Janeiro. You are met at the airport with transportation standing by for the transfer to the port, where the ship welcomes you back from your Iguassu adventure.  

Please note: This Mid-Voyage Land Adventure is recommended to guests who are physically fit and can tolerate hot and humid weather while walking for extended periods of time.  It is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or those who utilise a wheelchair. The Macuco Safari Wagon ride traverses uneven terrain and can be bumpy, making it unsuitable for guests with back or neck problems. This Land Adventure involves touring outdoors and guests may be exposed to warm/hot, humid and/or wet weather, heavy sprays at times from the falls, and insects; please pack accordingly. Pack lightly as domestic luggage restrictions apply (Each passenger may check one piece of luggage weighing a maximum of 23 kg/51 lb.); lightweight clothing with comfortable closed-toe walking shoes is recommended. While outdoors, light raingear such as a folding poncho, sunhat, sun block, insect repellent and sunglasses are imperative. Remember also to bring your camera, binoculars and a swimsuit. Guests on this Mid-Voyage Land Adventure must carry their passport (including a Brazilian visa) with them. Most of Day One is spent traveling by air. In case of any flight changes, the programme may need adjusting and the itinerary can change.

Important: Guests must obtain their own visa for Argentina prior to joining the cruise as well as reciprocity fee payment and keep the receipt printed (must be shown on the Argentinean border)

Optional: Helicopter flights of 7- to 10-minute duration can be booked and paid for on site. The helicopter carries a maximum of 3 passengers per flight and operation is subject to all seats being booked. At the time of writing, the price was $125 per person for the short flight. It is an exhilarating experience to soar over the falls.

Programme Includes:

·        Three-night stay at Hotel Das Cataratas (or similar) - Iguassu National Park  

·        Three breakfasts, two lunches, and three dinners (dinner include choice of 1 mineral water or soft drink, and 1 glass of wine or local brand beer; lunch include soft drinks and mineral water)

·        Scheduled flights (Economy Class) Salvador/Rio/Foz do Iguassu/Rio de Janeiro

·        All sightseeing and transfers as per itinerary

Not Included:

Any meals and drinks not specified above, specifically snacks at the airport/on the flights, Brazilian Visa,excess or overweight luggage charges, gratuities to drivers and tour guides, laundry, telephone calls, cancellation insurance and other personal items.

All Land Adventures require a minimum number of participants in order to operate as described.  If this minimum number is not met, Silversea reserves the right to offer the programme at a different rate based on private arrangements, or to cancel the specific departure.  Silversea's published cruise cancellation policy will remain in effect.  All Land Adventure fares are subject to change and are not guaranteed until payment is received in full by Silversea.   Onboard Spending Credit may not be applied to the purchase of this programme. All Land Adventures are non-transferable and non-refundable for any reason, within 90 days of sailing and are recommended to guests 18 years of age and older.  This description is a general overview of this programme.  Our local operator reserves the right to substitute other sites if local situations, including holidays, changes made by airlines, government activities, and weather, require.  The programme described in this brochure is provided by independent contractors. Silversea acts solely as ticketing agent. Silversea shall have no obligation or liability of any kind to guests for the business practices, acts or omissions in connection with or arising out of arrangements with independent contractors, including but not limited to airline carriers, ground-tour operators, private game reserves, and hotels since they are neither agents for nor employees of Silversea Cruises. Silversea's liability does not extend beyond the vessel.