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Papua New Guinea, or PNG as it is commonly called, sits just a few degrees south of the equator and only 100 miles north of Australia's Cape York Peninsula. Most of the country is located in the eastern half of New Guinea, the island it shares with the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya. There are numerous languages and different cultures represented in PNG, offering startling contrasts between a developing modern society and relatively primitive tribal communities. View more

Only in recent years has this country emerged from a dominant Stone Age culture to become an independent nation. In some isolated plateaus and valleys there are still areas where tribes remain untouched by the 20th century. Port Moresby, or Moresby for short, is the country's main air and sea gateway. It was named for Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby by his son, Captain John Moresby, who mapped the southern coastline in 1873. Later, Moresby became the capital of British New Guinea and in 1975 the administrative capital of the newly independent country of Papua New Guinea. The city is a fascinating blend of the old and the new. While the National Parliament building exemplifies the striking harmony of modern architecture and traditional design, the exhibits at the National Museum and Art Gallery illustrate the cultural features of PNG's complex tribal lifestyles. You will notice a pleasant informality about the locals' dress; both casual and traditional garb are worn, with the emphasis on lightweight cotton clothing for comfort in the hot and humid climate. Please Note: While Port Moresby is an interesting place to visit, guests must be aware that the infrastructure is very basic. Facilities cannot be compared with standards in more well-traveled tourist destinations. Tour vehicles have neither air-conditioning nor a public address system. Commentary by the guides is given when the bus comes to a stop in order to avoid shouting over the noise of the engines. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated. Caution: Guests are advised not to carry valuables with them ashore or wear expensive watches or jewelry. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at the Port Moresby container wharf. It is a 10-minute uphill walk to the nearest shopping area. Taxis may be available in limited supply. Shopping Handicrafts include native string bags, grass skirts, baskets and a variety of carvings. The local currency is the kina. Cuisine Local dishes are influenced by Chinese and Australian cuisine. Seafood is usually very good. The best choice of restaurants can be found in the larger hotels. Other Sites Cultural Center At the Cultural Center you may find a selection of Papuan handicraft items. National Art School The art gallery of this institution sells original paintings and prints in addition to exhibiting local art. Cargo Ship MacDhui In Moresby Harbor the wreck of this ship, sunk by Japanese aircraft in the early days of the Pacific War, can be seen breaking the surface of the water.

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