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Isla San Pedro

Sometimes called Seal Island, San Pedro Nolasco Island is a small island with raw beauty, appearing as a steep rock coming almost straight out of the sea. The island is just 1km wide, 4.2km long, and is home to biodiversity on land and in the water. This island is A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the few in the Sea of Cortez to have a permanent group of seabirds as visitors, including Brown and Blue-footed Boobies, Red-billed Tropicbirds, pelicans and cormorants and Magnificent Frigatebirds. View more

It is a well-known sport fishing and diving area, as well as for its sea lions which play in nearby waters and use the island as a haul-out location. Bottlenose dolphins can sometimes be found around the island as well as one of the three great pods of sperm whale in the Gulf of California. The island is also home to an endemic cactus, as well as a spinytail iguana, while other underwater creatures include giant hawkfish, octopus, starfish, cortez damsel fish and other reef fish.

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“Voyage of a lifetime” does not even begin to describe a Silversea Expedition experience. Imagine the comfort and intimacy of our ships, coupled with the most intriguing, far-flung destinations on earth. With over 590 destinations on all 7 continents, this is expedition cruising at its finest. Our uniquely curated itineraries with excursions adapted to individual ability and interest cater to all, while our knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts lead the way. Butler service, highest crew to guest ration in the industry and all-inclusivity make a Silversea Expedition cruise like nothing you have ever experienced.

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa A San Diego, California
  • American West Coast
  • Silversea Expeditions
  • Départ
    avr. 21, 2018
  • Durée
    11 Jours
  • Navire
    Silver Explorer

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