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Boulogne sur Mer is one of the most interesting of the Channel ports, situated where the English Channel meets the North Sea. The port was used by the British as a major base in World War I; during World War II sixty local fishing boats were armed to become submarine “destroyers”. Napoleon also played his part in the city’s history when he assembled a fleet for a planned invasion of Britain in 1803 - an idea he ultimately abandoned. Today, Boulogne is a leading French fishing port and fish-processing center. View more

Near the port stands Europe’s largest oceanic center, Nausicaá.The whole of the downtown area is a modern vibrant quarter, where you can browse in numerous shops and stroll along the sidewalks. Rising above the port is Haute Ville (name of the old, upper town), a startling contrast to the lower section of Boulogne. The attractive medieval quarter is contained within the old town walls and dominated by the formidable Notre Dame basilica. Surrounding the church are 13th-century ramparts and charming cobbled streets. Other points of interest within the tower-flanked ramparts include the Château Museum, a belfry and the Convent of the Annonciades, which now houses the town’s library. Our full-day call at Boulogne sur Mer allows you the opportunity to explore both the medieval quarter and the modern part of town. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at the Quai de l’Europe. Distance to the town center is just over one mile. Taxis are generally available at the pier. Shopping There are shops of every kind lining the newer shopping streets of the Ville Basse (lower town section). French fabrics and lingerie, linen goods, handbags and shoes are choice items to look for. In addition to boutiques and specialty shops you may want to stop at a department store, where you can find everything conveniently under one roof. Normal shopping hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with the exception of department stores that are open through lunch.The local currency is the euro. Cuisine Being a large fishing port, Boulogne is a good place for a meal of fresh fish and seafood. Plenty of restaurants can be found around Ville Basse’s central square, Place Dalton, and in Haute Ville. Also in the Lower Town, amid the newer shopping streets, are some of the best charcuteries and pâtisseries. Other Sites Belfry If you are fit and able to climb 183 steps, you can have a fantastic view from the 13th-century belfry. It is among the town’s oldest monuments. Nausicaá Located 500 yards from the port is this attractive Oceanographic Center. Ultraviolet lighting and New Age music create an interesting background for hammerhead sharks and giant conger eels circling in huge aquariums. The Center is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.Visitors can also view a half-hour film show - narration in both French and English. Colonne de la Grande Armée Two miles north of Boulogne stands this 160-foot marble column at the site where in 1803 Napoleon is said to have changed his mind about invading Britain. At the time of writing, it was under restoration.

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The romance of the seas, small ship sizes and intimate atmosphere, Silversea has long been a leader in the ultra-luxury market. Travelling to both iconic and secluded ports, Silversea’s award-winning itineraries inspire wanderlust and exploration. With over 900 destinations, longer port stays and more late-night departures than ever before, even the savviest traveler will find something new. A butler for every suite, a complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences, all-inclusive exquisite dining, award-winning onboard entertainment and an unparalleled space to guest ratio all contribute to the Silversea experience. Not forgetting our famed Italian hospitality, where new faces become old friends. Bienvenuti a bordo.

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