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The modern city of Benghazi is situated on the eastern side of the Gulf of Sirt; it is Libya’s second largest city after Tripoli. Although its history dates back to an ancient Greek settlement, today’s city is mostly a post war development and shows little of its ancient heritage. The North African territory of Cyrenaica, now encompassing modern Libya, was colonized by Greeks in the 6th century BC. They established such splendid cities as Cyrene which became a bastion of Hellenized culture in North Africa. View more

Later, a part of the Roman Empire followed by Byzantine and Arab conquests, Benghazi fell into obscurity as other, more strategic ports gained importance. In the 15th century, merchants from Tripolitania rediscovered the port of Benghazi and brought new prosperity to the city. From the 17th to the mid-19th centuries Benghazi was off and on under Turkish rule until the Italians laid siege to the city in 1911. After fierce resistance from tribes of the surrounding areas, Benghazi and the rest of Libya came under Italian occupation until 1942 when Allied forces defeated the Italians after heavy bombardment that destroyed a large part of the city. Benghazi came under British rule until 1949 when King Mohammed Idris As-Sanousi made Benghazi the capital of Cyrenaica. In December of 1951, Libya achieved its independence and Benghazi was named the second capital of the country after Tripoli. The port provides a starting point for excursions to North Africa’s famous cities of antiquity, in particular Cyrene, which is among the most important sites in Libya after Leptis Magna and Sabratha. Note: There will be an additional fee for guests who wish to take photographs or videos inside sites visited. These fees will be charged to your onboard account. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at the Port of Benghazi. Distance to the town center is approximately 0.5 miles. Taxis may be available, but their hiring is restricted to guests in possession of an individual Libyan visa. Shopping Except for jewelry, items found in most shops are of limited interest to tourists. The merchandise offered in the souq consists of all kinds of clothing and household utensils. Browsing here will be more for atmosphere then things to buy. The local currency is the dinar. Cuisine Typical Libyan cuisine, generally consisting of soup, salad, chicken, lamb or beef served with rice or couscous and vegetables, can be found in cafés and small restaurants around the city. Reminder: Libya is an alcohol-free country. Other Sites Major attractions are found in the archaeological sites located a fair distance from Benghazi. The city itself offers little of interest for visitors, except for the older section, the souq and a pedestrian zone with some shops and cafés. Special Note: Restroom facilities ashore are limited and very basic. Private arrangements are not available in this port.

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