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Tobruk in northeastern Libya boasts one of the finest sea ports, making it an important center for trade and transportation. But mainly, it is remembered as the scene of some of the fiercest and prolonged fighting in North Africa during World War II, in the course of which the town was almost reduced to rubble by relentless bombing attacks. Tobruk was occupied by the Italians in 1911 and became part of their African colonial empire. View more

During World War II, the Australians captured Tobruk in January of 1941, which prompted a siege and bombardment by the Germans under Rommel. In December of the same year, the British briefly gained control but then Tobruk fell again to the Germans the following June. In an offensive launched from El Alamein, the British finally recaptured Tobruk in November of 1942. To commemorate these heroic efforts, several war memorials have been erected at the city’s outskirts. They are the sites of main interest for visitors to this area. In Tobruk itself there are a few cannons and tanks on display as well as the remains of the American World War II plane Lady Be Good, which crash landed in the desert; its crew perished in the Sahara. Today, the local people live here in peace after all the invaders have gone. Industries include oil, flour milling and soap manufacturing. IMPORTANT: It is strongly suggested that guests pre-reserve their shore excursions in Libya as space may be extremely limited and final tour counts must be submitted to the Libyan officials prior to arrival in their country. Note: There will be an additional fee for guests who wish to take photographs or videos at sites visited. These fees will be charged to your onboard account. The infrastructure in this port is very basic. Pier Information The ship is scheduled to dock at the Port of Tobruk. The town center is located some 10 minutes from the port. Taxis may be available, but their hiring is restricted to guests in possession of an individual Libyan visa. Shopping Some shops are found along the main seaside road and in the covered souq. Items of interest to tourists are limited. Merchandise offered in the souq consists mainly of clothing and household utensils. Browsing will be more for atmosphere then things to buy. The local currency is the dinar. U.S. dollars are usually accepted. Credit cards are not generally accepted. Cuisine Typical Libyan cuisine can be found in cafés and small restaurants around town, with the best ones located by the sea front. Reminder: Libya is an alcohol-free country. Other Sites While major attractions are the classical sites of antiquity outside of town, the immediate surroundings and the local souq may be worthwhile exploring. Special Note: Restroom facilities ashore are limited and very basic. Private arrangements are not available in this port.

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