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Sohoton Bay has many special sites, but the Sohoton Cove National Park just slightly to the east on Bucas Grande’s southwestern side is enchanting. It is almost impossible to find if you come at the wrong time of the day. The half-submerged entrance is the only way in and out and can only be used at low tide. Sohoton Cove National Park is filled with gorgeous, muffin-shaped, forest-covered islets. Most of them are untouched by human hands and the natural arrangement acts like a gigantic, natural maze. View more

The blue lagoon is also home to several caves and caverns and a fantastic variety of flora and fauna. Situated in the middle of an islet, Hagukan sea-cave has a half-submerged, small entrance adorned with rock-oysters and a ceiling decorated with awe-inspiring stalactites. Magkukuob cavern is another cave in one of the 7 islets inside Sohoton Cove. Its walls have natural colours from yellow to aqua to turquoise which makes it surreal. Climbing an enthralling passage whose adjoining walls offers a stunning display of mineral-encrusted stalactites and stalagmites you will reach a 5-meter jump off point to the clear, blue sea right below your feet. Another attraction in Sohoton Cove is the jellyfish sanctuary at Tojoman Lagoon where one can swim with thousands of non – stinging spotted jellyfishes only found between March and June.

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“Voyage of a lifetime” does not even begin to describe a Silversea Expedition experience. Imagine the comfort and intimacy of our ships, coupled with the most intriguing, far-flung destinations on earth. With over 590 destinations on all 7 continents, this is expedition cruising at its finest. Our uniquely curated itineraries with excursions adapted to individual ability and interest cater to all, while our knowledgeable and enthusiastic experts lead the way. Butler service, highest crew to guest ration in the industry and all-inclusivity make a Silversea Expedition cruise like nothing you have ever experienced.

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Manila A Koror
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    abr 30, 2018
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    13 Días
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    Silver Discoverer

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