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Mafia Island is part of the Mafia Archipelago, which includes Jobondo, Juani and Chole islands, and is roughly 13 miles (21 km) east of the Tanzanian coastline. Mafia is about 30 miles (50 km) long by almost 10 miles (15 km) across and is surrounded by a barrier reef. In 1995, the World Wildlife Federation suggested that Mafia Island be designated as a Marine Park, and thus it is the first such area in Tanzania. View more

The island itself boasts over five endemic species of butterfly and 120 different species of birds, in addition to flying foxes, bushbabies, monkeys and pygmy shrews. Because of its location across the historic trade routes of the ancient Azania Coast, Mafia was likely where ships stopped to take on water and to make repairs. It is thought that Egyptian, Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Greek, Chinese, Portuguese and British ships have visited Mafia from about 500 BC. Historically, Mafia has been the property of the Sultan of Kilwa, the Sultanate of Oman, Germany and Britain, before Tanzania gained its independence. Today, Mafia seems unaffected by the passage of time. Its infrastructure is basic, with only two main roads, neither of which is paved. Islanders use jahazis (dhows) to commute to villages. There are about 24 villages and 40,000 people living on the archipelago, and they rely on fishing and farming to support their local economy. Please contact the onboard Tour Desk for information on this port. Pier Information The ship will be anchored off Mafia Island. Guests will be taken via ship’s tender directly to the island. Shopping The local currency is the Tanzanian shillings and cents. US dollars are widely accepted. The traditional greeting is “Jambo” and the response is “Mzuri” (I am fine). Cuisine As the infrastructure is limited, restaurants can be found only at the handful of resorts on the islands. Locals dine on coconuts, cashews, lobster, prawn, squid and octopus, as well as rice, peas, beans and tomatoes, often grown in individuals’ gardens. Private arrangements are not available in this port.

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