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La Digue

La Digue is the fourth largest inhabited island of the Seychelles (though only 5 km [3 miles] long and 3 km [2 miles] wide), and the real deal when it comes to a laid-back tropical paradise. Only 6.4 km (4 miles) from Praslin (about a 15- to 30-minute ferry ride) and 43 km (27 miles) from Mahé, little la Digue nonetheless feels a world away. View more

With no natural harbor, La Digue is protected by a coral reef, which, together with masses of colossal pink granite boulders, encircle and protect the island. Streets here hum the quiet rhythm of local life: a melody of ox-carts and bicycles, paths shaded by flowers and lush vegetation, and old colonial-style houses that speak of times past. Named in 1768 after a ship in the fleet of French explorer Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, La Digue's economic mainstays used to be vanilla and coconut oil. The island's fabulous beaches, lush interior, and colonial charm have made tourism its number-one industry today. The island's population of about 2,000 mostly reside in the west coast villages of La Réunion and La Passe.

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Excursiones en La Digue

Coco Island Snorkel Adventure

Snorkelling fans can discover the exotic marine world the Seychelles are famous for. After your tender ride ashore, board the catamaran and sail towards Coco Island. Cruise onboard a sailing catamaran for a snorkelling experience that is second to none. The island is merely a small granitic outcrop with a few palm trees, but its real treasure lies in the depths around. Often compared to a living aquarium, the site attracts numerous fish species floating to the surface to feed - a unique underwater paradise.

From the boat, enter the crystalline waters to swim and snorkel among brilliantly coloured fish. You may want to wear a T-shirt while snorkelling as sun protection and bring a second T-shirt to change into afterwards. Refreshments are served on board the catamaran. Upon your return to La Digue's Jetty you may decide to stay on La Digue or return on board for lunch with the ship's tender.

Please note: We recommend wearing a swimsuit under a beach cover-up and rubber shoes to protect feet from coral. Snorkel equipment is provided. Guests must be able to climb the boat's ladder down and out of the water. When requesting your tour ticket, please indicate your shoe size for proper size fins. Tour has limited space, but requires a minimum to operate. Due to the nature of the tour, participants are asked to sign a disclaimer. Please note: the cost of providing a tour program is proportionately more expensive than in neighbouring nations. Unfortunately this is reflected in the prices of the tours, and we request your understanding.

Take this opportunity to explore Cousin Island, a nature reserve and home to some of the Seychelles' rarest birds. Board your motorboat at La Digue Jetty and enjoy a cruise around the diverse coast before reaching Cousin Island.

Cousin Island

You are taken ashore via zodiacs and join your guide on a walking tour of the island. Purchased in 1968 by the International Council for Bird Preservation, the island is a haven for endangered species of land and seabirds, in particular the endangered Brush Warbler and the Magpie Robin. Giant tortoises are commonly spotted sharing the walking paths with visitors.

Before rejoining your catamaran for the ride back to La Digue, you may want to cool off with a refreshing swim.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking, some of it on uneven sandy grounds. This tour is not suitable for guests with physical limitations; participants need to be fit and agile. There is limited shade on the catamaran; bring along a sun hat and sunscreen. Be prepared for a wet landing as there is no jetty on Cousin Island. Camera equipment should be carried in plastic bags. Guests wishing to swim should wear their bathing suit. Insect repellent may be needed if the winds are very calm. Although a minimum number of guests is required for operation, space is limited. We suggest you book early.

Island Catamaran Adventure

Enjoy a day with nature on this catamaran cruise and nature walk on Aride Island. Owned by the Royal Society of Nature Conservation, Aride is one of the most striking of the granitic islands in the Seychelles. The views from the sheer escarpments are really breathtaking and the bird colonies spectacular. This island has the largest concentration of Noddy and Sooty Terns of any granitic island in the Seychelles Group. Frigate birds, brush warblers, roseate terns and red-tailed tropic birds are among the regular inhabitants of this sanctuary.

Your catamaran is standing by to take you to Aride Island. The hour-long cruise gives you a unique vantage by which to see the stunning views of the Praslin coast and satellite islands. Upon arrival at Aride, board a Zodiac boat which takes you to the shoreline.

Depart on your nature walk, guided by the island's wardens. Keep watch for endemic birds in their natural environment. They abound on this home to more breeding seabirds than any other island in the region. Have the opportunity to photograph the rare Wright's Garden Plant, and to enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding islands. You may wish to bask in the sun, take a dip in the azure waters or simply appreciate the mystique of this feathered domain. Then, rejoin your catamaran for your cruise to the north side of the island and a picnic lunch aboard. Here, you may wish to swim, seeing the local fish as you snorkel, or just relax. Soak in the beauty of the islands with the crystal ocean backdrop. Cruise back to La Digue at the conclusion of your catamaran adventure.

Please note: This tour involves an extensive amount of walking and it is not suitable for anyone with physical limitations; participants need to be fit and agile. There is limited shade on the catamaran; bring along a sun hat and sunscreen. Be prepared for a wet landing as there is no jetty on Aride Island. Camera equipment should be carried in sealed plastic bags. Guests wishing to swim or snorkel should wear their bathing suit. Participation is limited; however it requires a minimum to operate. We suggest you book early.

Journey Back In Time


Let yourself be captivated by La Digue, one of the Seychelles' prettiest islands. Transportation is by either oxcart or converted pick-up truck.

Travel via the ship's tenders to La Digue jetty. On arrival at La Passe Harbour on La Digue, your tour begins with a short ride to l'Union Estate for a glimpse of bygone days of plantation life. En route ride through the picturesque village of La Passe.

L'Union Estate

Here visit a copra kiln, a traditional coconut oil mill and the plantation house. Then enjoy refreshments and, if you wish, take a short swim at the Anse Source d'Argent, a magnificent beach with soft white sand and dramatic granite boulders.

Depart l'Union Estate for further sightseeing on the northern side of the island. Time permitting, make a brief stop in the village before returning to the jetty for the ride back to the ship.

Please note: This tour involves a moderate amount of walking. Guests are advised to wear lightweight clothing, comfortable shoes and sunscreen. Guests wishing to swim should wear a bathing suit under a beach cover-up. Participation is limited due to the lack of infrastructure on La Digue. Transportation is not air-conditioned. There is a long walk from the jetty to the transportation pick-up point.