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Set in a chain of breezy islands, the capital of the province of Blekinge is an important naval port with strong maritime traditions. During the second half of the 17th century, Sweden was a major power in the Baltic controlling what is now Finland, Estonia, Latvia and parts of north Germany. The need to defend this position led King Karl XI to seek a strategic base for the Swedish navy. View more

The result was the founding of Karlskrona in 1680 based on its ice-free waters; it became the home to the country’s fleet. Although the Swedish Empire disintegrated during the first 20 years of the 18th century, Karlskrona’s naval harbor, shipyards and fortifications continued to grow. Today visitors enjoy strolling past the well-preserved historic sites, which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first workers employed at the shipyards lived in the district of Björkholmen, which has changed very little since the 18th century. Picturesque wooden houses with small gardens offer insight into how this working-class neighborhood once looked. Karlskrona’s main square, Stortorget, is dominated by the neo-classical Town Hall, the baroque Frederiks Church and the Trinity Church. In front of nearby Admiralty Church stands the legendary Rosenbom, a statue of a beggar said to have frozen to death while holding his hand out for alms.The National Naval Museum is also worth a visit. Its exhibits include everything from weapons and uniforms to ship models and figureheads. Pier Information The ship may anchor or dock at Handelshamnen Pier, a distance of approximately half a mile to the city. Taxis may have to be called for pierside pickup. Shopping The main shops are centered on Stortorget. Look for glassware, ceramics, handicrafts, stainless steel and clogs.The local currency is the krona. Cuisine Fish dishes are always a good choice as are some of the typical Swedish specialties such as plattar (jam-covered pancakes), pea soup with pork, and kottbullar (meatballs). Be aware that some restaurants close for a month in summertime. Other Sites Museum Leonardo da Vinci Ideale This controversial museum features several art pieces including da Vinci’s The Youngest Madonna. The exhibits belong to the private collection of the Kulenovic family. Blekinge Läns Museum & Barockträdgården Dating to 1899, the museum was founded to preserve the local culture and now features a unique collection of artifacts. A small baroque garden in front of the main building is worth a visit. The garden, reconstructed in 1978, is reached via a monumental double stairway where two large yews are said to date to 1704. Private arrangements are not available in this port.

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The romance of the seas, small ship sizes and intimate atmosphere, Silversea has long been a leader in the ultra-luxury market. Travelling to both iconic and secluded ports, Silversea’s award-winning itineraries inspire wanderlust and exploration. With over 900 destinations, longer port stays and more late-night departures than ever before, even the savviest traveler will find something new. A butler for every suite, a complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences, all-inclusive exquisite dining, award-winning onboard entertainment and an unparalleled space to guest ratio all contribute to the Silversea experience. Not forgetting our famed Italian hospitality, where new faces become old friends. Bienvenuti a bordo.

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