Silversea Luxury Cruises A Kai Archipelago


Kei Archipelago, in the south-eastern part of Indonesia in the Maluku Islands, are on the edge of the Banda Sea, south of the Bird's Head Peninsula of New Guinea. The islands are famous for its beautiful, paradise-like beaches. It is believed that the ancestors came from Bali. The Kei Islanders have almost no written history, but they do have a Tom-Tad, oral stories of objects passed down from generation to generation. Today, 22 ratshcaap, or traditional local leaders have the role of kings of the customary law. View more

Like most people of Maluku, the livelihood of the Kei is a combination of planting, hunting, and fishing. Even today, the tradition and traditional culture in Kai is strong, and these islands are considered one of the most authentic islands in Indonesia.

An Introduction to Silversea Cruises

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